The Japanese giant Toyota presents the new version of its maxi SUV, ready to tackle any obstacle and terrain.

All SUV enthusiasts know exactly what it means to drive a Toyota Land Cruiser. Since 1951 it has been synonymous with quality at the right price, with particular attention to the ability to tackle any terrain.

Not surprisingly, over 11 million units of this timeless and fascinating car have been sold. Certainly it is not characterized by compact and versatile dimensions for the city, but all in all it is a car not designed for the urban environment.

Its ideal terrains are sandy ones and true off-road, without half measures.

The 2024 version has finally arrived, which will see the light in European dealerships starting in October with deliveries scheduled for the first half of next year.

Toyota wanted to create a special version declined within a First Edition set-up for this restyling.

For our beautiful country, only 50 units are planned which will be characterized by some stylistic gems. In fact, we are talking about round headlights, inspired by the cars of the seventies, and the two-tone Sand and Smoky Blue exterior colors.

In addition to the special version for the debut of this new car, Toyota has certainly put its hand to the design with a mix of the past and the future. Clearly the off-road imprinting could not be changed, and therefore the very raised set-up and the large dimensions do not change.

However, there will be greater comfort and quality of materials, for a more attentive look at the current needs of individual motorists.

The car will be just under five meters long, 492 cm to be precise, while the overall height is 187 cm.

Looking at the car, you immediately notice the wheel arches which are characterized by muscular shapes and eye-catching plastic protections. This feature is present on the entire lower part of the vehicle, in order to give protection and greater care to it.

At the front, the car has a fairly thin grille, positioned in the center of beautiful large headlights, and perfect for illuminating everything in front of the car. The roof of the car is completely flat and does not follow arched lines at the rear but is delimited by showy bars.

The visibility of this car in the rear three-quarters is quite good, also thanks to the rear window which lowers a lot, in order to facilitate the view.

The taillights are minimal, but all in all they clearly recall the off-road imprinting of the car.

The new Toyota Land Cruiser 2024 will rest its structure on a new chassis. It is a structure with side members, which saw its debut on the older sister Land Cruiser 300.

In this way, according to Toyota designers and engineers, driving comfort and handling should not be lacking.

To increase the technical performance of the car, the suspensions have been modified and there is an electric power steering for the first time. In this way the shocks that may be present when driving on particular surfaces will be cushioned.

Climbing aboard the car, one is immediately struck by the large cockpit screen and also by the large display in the upper part of the dashboard.

The internal dimensions are really maxi, even with regard to the large panoramic roof on the car. The large central armrest then separates the driver from the passenger, giving the benefit of total comfort for both.

Driving this car makes us immediately perceive how its DNA is intrinsic in the precise idea of the true off-road vehicle. However, there is clearly no shortage of safety devices typical of today's cars, such as automatic maintenance of the car in the lane or even the possibility of selecting the best engine and electronic response system, depending on the terrain in front of us.

To highlight any possible obstacle in the ground, there is a camera that allows the driver to have a total view of the car, even under the vehicle. The new Land Cruiser is available with 5 or 7 seats, for comfort that knows no end.

Clearly this car is powered by a diesel engine, namely a 2800 cm3 4-cylinder turbodiesel capable of delivering 240 horsepower. The gearbox is eight-speed automatic and allows you to tow, together with the engine, loads up to 3,500.

For lovers of sustainable mobility, from 2025 it will also be possible to purchase the car with a hybrid engine, i.e. the mix of diesel and a 48-volt electric component.

No information has been released regarding prices, but there are only a few weeks left to be able to see it live in dealerships.

Surely it is a car that is not within everyone's reach, in terms of size and price. All in all, however, this Land Cruiser is not the classic car you can drive every day in the city, or on long journeys.

However, it will be perfect for those looking for space and driving practicality, as well as off-road safety.


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credit photo TOYOTA media press