Fiat has decided to broaden its range of action by exporting the little queen of European roads to Brazil.

The presence of Fiat within the South American continent, in particular Brazil, is very important. In fact, Fiat's market share in Brazil is 22% and bringing a compact car with exciting performance to that territory is a symptom of a desire to expand this market share even more.

Fiat has always been present in Brazil and the roots are really deep. We are talking about a century of commercial activity and decades of research and development.

If a month ago # 500 was presented in Israel, now is the time to cross the ocean and arrive in Brazil . Having a market share of 22% is an impressive figure considering the size of the Brazilian market and the number of cars sold.

In fact, Brazil is exterminated and not very often is considered an interesting market by car manufacturers. The territory has also been involved in the development of technologies for the use of alternative fuels such as ethanol for about 40 years.

This technology is currently not very widespread in Europe but it is instead within the Brazilian territory.

The Fiat 500 was therefore born to revolutionize an already important and already revolutionary market . In Brazil, Fiat has considerable success with the Strada pickup which was updated last year and immediately became the best-selling car in Brazil. Fiat is also very strong in the SUV market with the Toro growing by 25% compared to previous generations in the new line introduced last April.

This is how the new electric 500 is the icing on the cake of a very important market for the Turin manufacturer. There are also important production plants overseas that have always created the production of cars for the South American market.

For example, we recall the Minas Gerais state plant which began producing the legendary Fiat 147, a derivation of the 127, as early as 1976.

The link between Fiat and Brazil, however, is something historical and that dates back to the beginning of the last century with the first Fiat 40hp, which won the first car race held in Brazil.

The world has changed a lot in 100 years but in any case Fiat has managed to introduce an interesting car like the Fiat Strada which, even if completely different from Italian tastes, manages to conquer the Brazilian ones for its flexibility and practicality as well as robustness. This is how a 360 ° car manufacturer must be able to adapt to individual markets in order to compete on the global market in a way that is as updated as possible with the times.

credit photo STELLANTIS