After presenting the maxi electric commercial vehicle dedicated to freight transport, here is now the electric version of the Scudo.

Stellantis continues to characterize the world of commercial vehicles, according to a 100% electric philosophy. Using the stellantis EMP2 platform, born from the second generation Citroen C4 Picasso, we have therefore arrived at the new commercial vehicle.

The Fiat professional line, therefore, manages to double its presence in the zero-emission van sector, thus creating a van with a load capacity of up to 4.6 cubic meters. The capacity can be from 10 to 12 quintals.

Making a direct and immediate comparison with its French cousin, we can say that the Fiat Scudo manages to stand out in an interesting way, thanks to the brand new front. The personality is decidedly pronounced and in fact the Fiat logo is present in large letters in the main grille. Also on board the vehicle, the Fiat lettering is present on a red background in the center of the steering wheel.

One aspect that is definitely striking when driving this vehicle is its silence. Fiat wanted to include electric traction together with the turbodiesel one. Those who choose electric silence will have truly absolute driving comfort, in addition to excellent road behavior.

Stability and cornering wobble make this vehicle great for city driving, in terms of acceleration and braking. All this is also thanks to the battery pack in the 75 kWh variant, which has been positioned under the loading surface. In this way there is no roll or pitch and therefore stability is excellent in case of fast corners.

His job, that is the transport of goods, is absolutely well done, as it is possible to distribute the weights in an optimal way, thanks to the large size.

The brakes, working in the release phases, in addition to the regeneration of the battery recharge, make it possible to have a vehicle capable of accompanying the lucky owner for many kilometers. The manufacturer declares about 329 km of useful distance, in case of 100% recharge.

As for recharging times, the new Fiat professional is equipped with a double charger for 7.4 kW alternating current and 100 kW direct current. In the last mode, or in the continuous current mode, it is possible to have a recharge from 10% up to 80% in just 45 minutes. In this way, it is possible to recharge even during the lunch phase in the middle of the day. In this way, the electric Fiat Ducato is truly ideal for every type of daily work.

The safety features are really interesting. The cars are equipped with the so-called grip control, which allows you to change the anti-skid intervention threshold, depending on the road surface in place . In fact, there are situations where snow, or sand and mud, can change the driving reality of the vehicle.

In addition to the classic light and rain sensors, there is also the automatic low-high beam switching and also the driving break prompter.

Lastly, we have to introduce prices, which start at around € 35,000 in the more compact version, up to € 41500 in the larger version . There are also different forms of set-up, starting from the Business base up to the Lounge, with a difference of around € 1500.

Obviously it is possible to choose a vehicle with a more contained autonomy, up to 230 km. Therefore, depending on the type of intervention and the need we have linked to the vehicle, we can therefore define a different form of purchase. If we are interested in a vehicle that allows us to move easily in the city, with an autonomy also linked to 200 km, we can therefore choose the more contained version, thus saving several hundred thousand euros.

The decision by Stellantis to create a second line within the Fiat Professional range is synonymous with how the automotive group is attentive to the ecological transition, even in the world of commercial vehicles. In this way, you will have an optimal situation, for all those who need to purchase a vehicle designed specifically for work and which is compatible with the ecological transition.

Furthermore, these vehicles are excellent for being driven within cities, by virtue of their compact size, but by the large volume of cargo they have in place.

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credit photo STELLANTIS media press