The perfect versions arrive for those who love small off-road vehicles and the sportiness of a very transversal car.

Fiat # 500x is updated with a new configuration just over 2 months after the debut of the first 500x open-air.

After the launch of the Yacht Club Capri edition, we have a cross version but also a sport version with the roof completely open. This decision is due to the fact that the launch of the Yacht Club Capri version was remarkably successful.

A 500x therefore proposed with a soft top canopy also in the cross and Sport configurations.

This choice aims to combine the need of all those people who are passionate about small off-road vehicles and sports cars, but who do not, however, give up the practicality of having an open-air realization of their car.

In just 15 seconds it is possible to go from the roof with fabric soft top to the total sky even at a speed of up to 100 km per hour.

Furthermore, no problem for all those who are afraid of the problem of loading luggage as the structure has been optimized, so as not to take up extra space.

These cars will be available in 10 body colors in order not to leave anyone unhappy.

We can recognize this version thanks to the ice cream white external livery that has been detailed with some chrome and satin aspects on the front whisker, or the silver bumpers and mirrors. The alloy wheels, on the other hand, are blue in the details.

Climbing aboard the car, we immediately notice the very soft white seats that recall boating and all the aspects related to it.

As for the engine sector, we have a 120 horsepower petrol in the one-liter configuration and 150 horsepower in the 1300 cubic centimeter configuration. Obviously there is no lack of diesel in both the 95 horsepower engine in 1300 cubic centimeters, but also 130 horsepower in the 1600 cubic centimeter configuration.

As for the cross version, on the other hand, we are talking about a perfect combination of dynamism and Italian crossover personality. On this car we also have the debut of the seats with the central band characterized by a camouflage texture and vinyl inserts. The roof bars obviously are not lacking as well as the alloy wheels always in the 18-inch version.

For lovers of sportiness, on the other hand, the Sport trim level has an unmistakable look with 18-inch alloy wheels in machined burnished black, side skirts and of course rear spoiler. Climbing into the car we are immediately struck by the new sports seats in black fabric with red 500 logo.

An excellent choice by Fiat to create an Open Air version with a light hood for two of the main Fiat 500x configurations: it is a choice dictated by the desire to intercept even more customers and snatch them from direct competitors in order to create a car that is as interesting as possible. and how much more heterogeneous in tastes.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press