The Automotive market is registering an important increase in microcars, within our country… and beyond.

The world of mobility is increasingly fragmented, and with ever greater possibilities of seeing new aspects in everyday life.

Until recently, microcars were purchased in very few cases, and were mainly linked to special needs. They were bought, above all, by people with walking difficulties, or people who did not have a large economic amount, to be able to invest in the Automotive sector.

More often than not, their shapes and lines were very similar to those of the main cars. To reduce costs, the microcars also contemplated the use of the same optical groups (for example), within their own line, making them identical to the "larger" cars.

With the change in people's needs in recent years, however, microcars have significantly increased in terms of sales.

Registrations of this type of car went from around 24,000 in 2020 to well over 42,000 in 2021.

They must clearly comply with certain rules, such as the speed which must be limited. The maximum speed, very rarely exceeds 75 km per hour, and normally stands at 50 km per hour.

The reason for this sales boom is also linked to the qualitative increase in microcars. In fact, customers are amazed by the qualitative rate of the latter and by the technological standards, now much higher.

Furthermore, security has really improved compared to a few years ago and for all these reasons they have gained increasing interest from people.

The car, or rather the microcar, queen of Italy is definitely the Citroen Ami. We are talking about a small car, decidedly cheeky, characterized by some ingenious solutions.

Through the use of asymmetrical doors, and a truly minimal dashboard, it managed to intercept a very large number of people.

It has an electric drive, and still allows you to travel for several tens of kilometers with zero emissions. Presented in 2020, it is simply sold online and in a few months it achieved major success.

Even in Italy, the deliveries of the small Frenchie have exceeded 5,000 units and holds almost 76% of the market share of these small compact cars.

All this has created a lot of news, especially for the financial solutions that allow the purchase of this car. It is offered at a very low price, which allows you to get in touch with a new car for very little money.

We are talking about the order of about 6 or 7 thousand euros.

The result of this great success has led the other manufacturers to consider the rebirth of other cars. The Stellantis group is in fact considering whether to launch the new Fiat Topolino, which could arrive from next year.

According to some rumors, the new Fiat Topolino could use the same platform and base as the Citroen Ami, but with some improvements. Let's think, for example, of the sunroof, which could lead to even more careless use of the car.

While it can't be compared to the # 500 convertible, it could still be an entry-level car from the Stellantis group, in terms of age and price.

Wandering around the city, you can see how this type of car is also used a lot by children. Indeed, the safety levels for these cars are much higher than using a scooter.

Many parents, in fact, could decide to buy these cars for their children, with a minimum outlay, being sure that the small car would take the children around their destination in total safety.

Furthermore, the Automotive world must consider how the market is increasingly fragmented and there are more and more startup companies attentive to these areas.

We are not surprised, therefore, that in a few weeks the entry of new startups into this market could occur. This segment of the market, namely that of microcars, is ideal for the entry of new startups, as they do not need large factories and huge investments, with elaborate assembly lines.

Another example is the success of the ultra-compact Microlino, which is finally gathering the coveted adhesions and in a few months we will see it on our roads.

This project has been carried out over the past few years, but had never found a breakthrough in terms of funding. Also thanks to the growing success of Citroen Ami, it has managed to define a very detailed marketing plan, which will see the first cars leave the manufacturer, already within this year.

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Credit photo STELLANTIS media press