With the arrival of November, the new sedan and the new SUV were presented, which will be officially presented on the road in February next year.

Each year the various automotive manufacturers try to bring stylistic and engineering innovations into their cars. It is, therefore, a progressive adaptation of the individual car, to the Automotive market and to the needs of individuals.

The stylistic aspect also changes to progressively progress towards a new fluidity, and softer and more defined lines. Never has a car been kept intact throughout its life, and the houses periodically renew even a single particular feature of the car.

What we see in these images, we could see it live starting in February next year.

Immediately observing the Giulia and Stelvio cars, you can see the novelty imprinted inside the headlights, which now have three very clear designs inside the optical group.

All this happens after 6 years from the launch and 4 from the first restyling of the two cars.

The AlfaRomeo designers have renewed everything, keeping the volumes of the cars substantially unchanged, but working a lot in detail to refresh the look and keep it in step with the times.

Let's not forget that the arrival of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale has, in some way, changed the stylistic course of the Automotive house.

The front lights therefore presents the course of the 3 headlights, which derives from the concept of a few years ago.

The headlights are also equipped with a truly intelligent system, which allows you to adjust the light beam according to vehicle speed and driving conditions. In this way, you avoid dazzling the drivers of vehicles who are about to cross us in the opposite direction.

Getting in the car, you immediately notice some important differences. The central display is now 12 inches and is inserted in the classic dashboard typical of Alfa Romeos.

It can be configured with three different graphics and tries to emphasize the nostalgia effect. In fact, there are numbers and letters, which are clearly inspired by the instrument panel of the Alfa's from the 70s and 60s.

On the side of on-board technology, there is certainly no shortage of innovations. Currently, thanks to OVER THE AIR technology, on-board services can be updated without going to the dealer or the workshop.

It is also possible to ask the Automotive house for a secret digital register that cannot be changed and is based on the technology already present in the Tonale, or NFT, Non Fungible Token. In this way, owners will be able to certify the information of the car through a virtual archive, certifying the trend in value over time.

According to the aspect of the mechanics, there are no major variations. The excellent mechanics have not been modified and remain faithful to the classic setting.

Small innovations are related to the engine crankcase, in aluminum, and the carbon propeller shaft. Nothing else has been changed.

Recall that the cars are available with 160 or 210 horsepower and 2200 cc turbodiesel engines, but not even with a 280 horsepower turbo petrol engine. These engines can be declined in different configurations, namely Super, Sprint, Ti and Veloce.

The Competizione launch series is also based on the latter, which is an extreme version in terms of styling and handling of the car.

Starting from the basic set-up, the standard equipment is not lacking in terms of abundance, starting also with a sophisticated and precious audio system signed by Harman Kardon.

No information has been released regarding prices, but they should be roughly in line with what is in place, obviously with the changes and updates at the beginning of the year.

We will see how these two new cars, sedan and SUV, will be welcomed by the Italian public and the international public. We always remember that Alfa Romeo is present on all continents, and there is no shortage of interesting appreciations also overseas.

This new exterior and interior restyling manages to modernize the two cars, making them as current and performing as possible in every single aspect. The optical groups are now very aggressive and we are sure they will win over as many people in the automotive world.

Alfa Romeo, in fact, have nothing to complain according to an objective evaluation of the mechanics, compared to other much more prestigious automotive manufacturers.

Obviously the last word belongs to the market and therefore we will wait for the spring of next year with the first registrations of these two splendid cars, to see if this stylistic renewal of the interior and exterior has been adequately challenged.

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credit photo STELLANTIS media press