The carmaker of the blue oval has announced the debut date of the new Ranger. Let's find out all the details released so far.

It will arrive on November 24 at 8 am. We are talking about the new Ford Ranger or the mid-size SUV that will be presented in the new guise in just over 20 days.

The appointment is at 8 am in the Italian morning to see how the house of the blue oval wanted to renovate one of the best-selling SUVs in the world.

Ford wanted to freshen up the Ranger after the arrival of Maverick, or the small pickup. Ford Maverick represents the entry level version for all pickups, even if it is only present in the North American market. Ranger, on the other hand, is present in several international markets and now needs to be modernized with a new livery.

To arrive at this new graphics and production, the US giant conducted over 5000 elaborate interviews with hundreds of pick-up owners.

In fact, he tried to understand what were the aspects that were most appreciated of the pick-ups in order to understand how the Ford Ranger could be optimized. Understanding the needs of people has therefore allowed Ford to create a product that is truly in line with the needs.

The look is truly robust and is also equipped with a number of features that will increase productivity but also versatility.

Ford in a statement issued a few hours ago said that the new Ranger is designed to travel to different places and offer comfort and refinement like never before.

The pick-up market is aimed at professionals although it can be purchased by the individual private citizen who likes to have a very spacious car.

So here's how the new pick-up goes straight to the point and will optimize a whole series of aspects that if anything had not been perfectly optimized in previous models.

To see the presentation of the new Ranger we should therefore wait until November 24 and connect to the YouTube site within the Ford Europe channel.

No other information has been given about it and therefore very little is known about what the next generation of the Ranger should be. The connectivity and security standards will still be aligned with the latest Ford news, but there is still no certainty about the origin of the platform.

According to some rumors, the time has come for a positioning within a gasoline hybrid market, even if the pick-up obviously will have some markets the diesel version waiting for it.

Electrification on a global level is a very complicated aspect that cannot be developed and achieved in a few years but will have to be spread over a few decades.

credit photo FORD media press