The Italian house has presented a fresh restyling for its small contact.

With the arrival of Christmas, the Lancia Automotive company decides to present a restyling for its car currently in production.

We're talking about the new Ypsilon 2023. An increasingly connected and increasingly efficient car, without sacrificing style and sustainability.

A car that has conquered hundreds of thousands of people over the years thanks to its refined style, combined with truly excellent compactness and ease of use.

When you drive the Lancia Ypsilon, it almost feels like driving a go-kart. the steering is both responsive and the engine is ready to sprint.

A car that underlines the contemporaneity of the model, also thanks to its remarkable stylistic qualities. The Italian style is definitely noticeable, even after 4 generations and over three million units sold since 1985.

A real undisputed leader of the B segment, which is able to increase its appeal every day.

An increasingly connected car, thanks also to the wireless charger for smartphones as well as the 7-inch radio with Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto. In this way, it is no longer necessary to physically connect your smartphone to the car via cable. A practicality therefore that combines safety and comfort.

For the first time on the model, the rear camera will also be installed, which will be able to facilitate reversing maneuvers, even in the most chaotic Italian cities.

The sustainability of the car also includes the new dew green livery and new sustainable interiors. In addition to the renewed color palette, therefore, we also have a new outfit for interiors.

New upholstery for the dashboard and door panels, with a new chromatic concept, in addition to the refined green multicolor hints of the gear lever.

Likewise, we can benefit from a new internal lining, made with an innovative and sustainable material, created by recycling plastic collected in the Mediterranean.

In terms of engines, the car is more efficient with a mild hybrid engine, which allows you to combine the 1000 cc, 3-cylinder and 70 horsepower petrol engine with a 12-volt electric motor.

In this way, the efficiency of the internal combustion engine and the compactness of the electric one allow the car to sneak very quickly into city traffic.

People will therefore be able to benefit from all the advantages, both of the old endothermic, but also of the electric one.

Reduction in parking costs in large cities and tax breaks are the most important and interesting aspects for all those who decide to buy this little gem.

Obviously there is also a new LPG version, which represents an ideal car for those who have to make long journeys. This new car in the LPG version is also available in installments, starting at €189 per month with an advance of around €3,000.

A compact and complete car, therefore, capable of being able to give a hard time to the new generations of cars, declined above all in the electric field. While waiting to be able to see a wide range of Lancia-branded cars, let's focus on this great little car.

An exercise in style that continues to be successful in Italy and in Europe, thanks to simple but truly refined lines.

The car in question can already be purchased in the new 2023 version at all dealerships, with prices in line with the prices of the 2022 version.

Over the last week, rumors had been glimpsed online about the new Lancia Ypsilon which will be produced and built starting from 2024. A design that will be completely distorted, given the images leaked online.

Most likely it will turn into a small crossover, declined on the same platform used by the Peugeot 2008 and the Jeep Avenger. A model that will grow considerably, until it reaches a length of 410 cm.

The new Lancia logo will probably make its debut on this new car, but we must therefore wait another two years to see it.

The style will be that of the glitz and class of the 50s and 60s. A style that has made entire generations fall in love with it, and which should shine again for as long as possible.

Finally, let us recall Lancia's ambitious project, namely that of launching a car every two years starting from 2024. Clearly we cannot compare Lancia to the big international brands in terms of model diversification.

In fact, the Italian brand is going through an important overall restyling. A piece for the total revolution of the brand will also be the total electrification of the cars starting from 2028.

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credit photo STELLANTIS media press