The Italian automotive company presents the New Gamma Y, characterized by connectivity, efficiency and 100% Italian style.

Over the years, Lancia Y has always been one of the best-selling city cars ever.

A concept truly loved by Italians, who purchased it in large quantities. It has always been one of the most registered cars in Italy, both for its compactness and production quality, but also for its truly competitive price.

Lancia Ypsilon has in fact managed to offer quality and Italian style within a very low price offer. Being affordable for all budgets, it has managed to enter the hearts of Italians for many years now.

The Italian car manufacturer has also decided, especially recently, to create "special" versions. We are talking, for example, about the collaborations that have been created with stylistic houses, given that it is a car designed for the female public.

Today's news, however, does not concern a collaboration with a fashion brand: what we are about to announce is the New Y Range.

Within the three available versions, there is more standard content and from 10 September the advertising campaign featuring Cristiana Capotondi as testimonial will be active.

This new car is characterized by a simplification of the hybrid engine range, and also an enrichment of the proposed offer. From the five versions that were offered to consumers so far, we arrive at three trim levels.

There has therefore been a minimum quality increase within the standard accessories. For example, the Gold version is enriched with electric wheels and mirrors, also presenting an improvement in the interior in terms of quality.

In the Platinum version, we also find the rear bumpers in body color, as well as the chrome exhaust and rear windows. There is also no shortage of rear camera and parking sensors, to give driving comfort and peace of mind when maneuvering in the city.

Both the Gold and Platinum trim levels now obtain five-seater approval.

Within the Platino trim level, the possibility of choosing two optional packages will also be available, the first focused on comfort and the second focused on technology.

The first allows for lumbar adjustment of the driver's seat, as well as rear electric windows, fog lights and mirrors with electric demisting.

As regards the technological package, we have the presence of cruise control, automatic climate control and rain sensor.

For those who like to buy a car and make it unique through the colors of the bodywork, the new colors that will allow the car to stand out among the thousands of cars in circulation will certainly be very pleased.

The expected colors are dewy green, clay red, snow white, elegant blue, stone gray and volcano black.

The car will also be available with the LPG engine, characterized by a truly remarkable saving capacity. For all those who travel less than 15,000 km, the new Lancia Ypsilon is certainly a truly precious ally.

As we said at the beginning, the car is characterized by some technological features that make daily life easier and improve driving pleasure.

There will be a 7-inch touch display, which will allow for complete integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in totally wireless mode. In order to make your stay in the car more pleasant, a wireless charger will also be available positioned under the gear lever, which will allow you to charge your mobile phone in total comfort and safety.

In this way, we will be able to recharge our smartphone quickly while we are driving without having to worry about running out of battery or having to attach a thousand charging cables.

The car will be available starting from around 14 thousand euros in the basic configuration. As you can see, it is an excellent price to purchase a truly ultra-tested car over the years and which has managed to fit into the city car segment, one of the most complicated and competitive segments around.

Thanks to Lancia's 117-year history, this car manages to condense perfect Italian style within the new mobility that increasingly winks at energy efficiency and hybrid engines.

In this respect, the hybrid engine consists of a petrol engine with a displacement of 1000 cubic cm, in a three-cylinder structure and 70 horsepower. It is aligned with a 12 volt electric motor and a lithium battery.

Thus obtaining all the benefits of a hybrid vehicle, this new Lancia Y is therefore preparing to once again conquer the podium of the best-selling cars in Italy.

An automotive project that knows no end and that hopefully will be able to position itself once again within an Italian and European record.

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credit photo LANCIA media press