The most important representative car of the house of the four rings is ready in the first quarter of 2022 to be available on our roads with new technology and a pinch of stylistic modernity.

After the launch in 2017 of the fourth generation of the sedan, the time has come for Audi # A8 for a major restyling in terms of technology and aesthetics.

A whole series of fully electrified engines have been introduced, a sign that Audi is also truly attentive to the epochal change in sustainable mobility.

Looking at the car you immediately notice how there are important aesthetic changes made especially in the front. The new Audi A8 can indeed boast a single frame grille that has been completely redesigned with a three-dimensional texture characterized by vertical chromed strips.

The line has also been modified as regards the air intakes which now have a vertical trend while the headlights are made with a very tapered orientation. The latter have been the subject of important work by Audi engineers who have made it possible to create headlights with as many as 1,300,000 micro mirrors that allow for optimal visibility. The technology of the mirrors inserted inside the headlights also allow you to change the orientation up to 5000 times per second depending on the driving conditions.

Looking at the car from the rear three quarters we can instead find different chrome plating that underline the importance of the car and that integrate well with the completely horizontal headlights of the new Audi A8.

For technology lovers, Audi wanted to use an unprecedented oled technology for the rear lights.

This car has very important dimensions with a length of 519 cm and a width of 195 cm. Thanks to a wheelbase of 300 cm, comfort on board is really important but it is even more important in the Chinese version where the wheelbase is even greater.

To make the car safe, in addition to all the active safety systems, we also have the old and dear technology regarding the structure of the car. The structure is made of 58% aluminum with the passenger cell in high-strength steel.

Who can buy a new Audi A8 is certainly a wealthy person and therefore comfort must be at the highest level. In fact, the interiors are luxurious with an infinite possibility of customization. Those who choose the car with a long wheelbase can also have a very small luxury. In fact, the passenger side rear seat is available with a chaise-longue configuration with different adjustments.

If, on the other hand, the person who buys this car likes to drive it, he will notice a whole series of cutting-edge digital technologies. Digital screens are clearly not lacking with 8.6-inch dimensions for the dashboard. Obviously, there is also the head up display that allows you to have all the most important information on the windscreen.

The equipment of the driving assistants is truly limitless and 40 can be ordered in the various configurations and in the various packages.

As for the engines, they are completely hybrid and allow you to have five different choices. We start from the classic 3,000cc diesel with 286 horsepower up to the more powerful 4,000cc petrol engine with even 571 horsepower. There is also a 3,000 cubic centimeter plug-in hybrid version with 462 horsepower that uses a 17.9 kWh battery.

No information has yet been released regarding prices, but it is certainly the minority part for those who can dream of being able to buy this car.

credit photo AUDI media press