We'll have to wait a few more months to see it on the road, but the first images already show a renewed definition of the look. On the other hand, the electrified diesel and petrol engines are confirmed.

It will hit the road in July this year, but Mercedes has already released the first images of its mid-segment SUV Coupé.

We're talking about the new Mercedes GLC Coupé, which will arrive in the summer to leave an important mark within a segment that is currently very crowded.

The prices are not yet known, but they should be in line with the current ones. The house of the German star has decided to refresh the look, with greater grit and even richer standard equipment.

This new car will arrive 3cm longer than the current model, i.e. 476cm. As for the height, it increases by half a centimeter, while the width is not changed.

For all those who are wondering if Mercedes intends to accelerate the ecological transition already from these models, we must calm our minds. In fact, diesel engines and hybrid engines are confirmed, which start from a classic 2000 cubic centimeters and 145 horsepower, but which can also reach 198 horsepower.

Consumption is quite low, relative to the room, because there is also talk of five or six liters per 100 km in the diesel versions. Obviously if you choose the plug-in hybrid engine, consumption decreases, especially for those who drive a few kilometers every day, we are talking about an important overall saving (if there is the possibility of recharging the car at home).

Looking at the car from a technical point of view, we must say that the aerodynamic efficiency coefficient has been improved, and has been brought to 27 cents, against 30 cents of the previous model.

Those who want to characterize and make this Mercedes unique will have plenty to indulge themselves thanks to the very long list of options that the German company makes available.

Obviously there is no shortage of pre-packaged packages to have greater speed in the design phase and also in the marketing of the car itself. Requesting a highly personalized car clearly requires delivery times that could increase.

Clearly the possibility of customization is infinite, thanks to the different variants of upholstery but also insert colors and so on. To name just one, we want to inform you of the existence of the Energizing Plus package with seven different comfort programs, while the Energizing Coach package allows the driver a fitness or well-being program based, for example, on vehicle and driving information.

For those interested in knowing the data relating to the trunk, we can say that its capacity increases by 45 litres, reaching a minimum of 545 litres. Obviously, if we talk about plug-in hybrid cars, we lose a bit of luggage space going from 545 liters to 390 liters as the minimum volume.

Looking at the technical and engineering aspect, we must say that a frame with a four-link front axle and a multi-link rear axle with subframe was created. A new engineering progress that allows you to drive the car in an even sportier and safer way.

This car also has rear wheel steering by just over 4 degrees. In this way driving dynamism is guaranteed, but maneuvers at very low speed are also simplified.

All models are also equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels, characterized by a very nice chrome finish.

Upon entering the car, one cannot fail to notice the large touch display that seems to be suspended in front of the dashboard. The digital dashboard is very large and allows you to have everything under control while driving.

The Mercedes multimedia system collects all the essential information within the Digital cockpit, for safe and attentive driving. In terms of driving aids, we clearly have adaptive cruise control with automatic speed limit recognition, but also enhanced emergency braking and lane keeping system. As an option we have matrix LED lights, which allow for truly amazing visibility.

A small gem that Mercedes wanted to grant and give to its beloved enthusiasts is the heating of the front seats at no extra cost.

A car created in a workmanlike manner that leaves people who will be lucky enough to sit on these beautiful and very comfortable seats truly enraptured.

Observing these seats means observing a work of art given the obsessive attention to detail.

Mercedes wanted to perfect even more a product that has never been navigated and that is extremely current and modern. The new Mercedes GLC Coupé still manages to be very good off-road: even if it has a sports set-up, it also manages to tackle off-road very well.

In fact, when you leave the asphalt, the pneumatic sports suspension intervenes with a particular calibration. These suspensions are "sporty", but also very comfortable and are standard on all versions.

Mercedes also wanted to insert external cameras, capable of giving immediate visibility to even the most difficult points to see while driving, in order to immediately detect the most complicated and insidious obstacles.

A car therefore complete both in terms of stylistic dynamism, but also in terms of driving pleasure.

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credit photo MERCEDES media press