Mercedes presents its large electric SUV that winks at the fluidity and dynamism of the lines.


The family of electric cars within the Mercedes brand is still growing.

We're talking about a really generous SUV, with price lists starting at around 90,000 euros. The equipment is really top and there are different battery and drive variants available.

This is the fourth Mercedes model based on the new all-electric platform. It is already currently available on the Italian market, and there are almost thirty versions that can be chosen. A real embarrassment of choice, which the Mercedes consultants will be able to help resolve.

It starts from around 90 thousand euros, as we have said, for 245 horsepower. The top of the range reaches 476 horsepower, with list prices approaching 130,000 euros. Within this price range, we find infinite versions and different configurations.

The SUV in question is slightly more compact than the reference sedan, the E class. Clearly Mercedes does not want to damage the interior comfort, and the attention to detail is really top of the range. The wheelbase is 303 cm, which fits inside a car 4 meters and 86 cm long.

There is no shortage of space for suitcases, with a variable capacity that starts from 520 liters and reaches almost 1700. For those who have space problems and need to install an adjustable backrest, it is possible to allow the installation of an optional that allows have a good 580 liters of capacity in the minimum configuration.

Those who need to have three rows of seats, sadly this car is not for them. In this case we should turn to the EQS SUV car, which measures approximately 5 meters and 12 cm.

Climbing aboard the car, you immediately see how Mercedes wanted to confirm the style of the interior. The similarity with the other high-end electric models is immediately perceived.

In the basic version there are two separate screens dedicated to instrumentation and infotainment. For those who are passionate about technology and like to immerse themselves in the Mercedes giant screen, it is possible to request the 3 integrated displays. In this way, the dashboard develops for 141 cm of very high technology.

Inside this car, Mercedes wanted to insert the debut of the Serene Breeze sound scenario, which joins the three available.

For those traveling on long journeys, we recommend purchasing the Energizing Comfort package, ideal for receiving real wellness programs throughout the journey.

Moving on to driving and dynamism, there are four driving modes included in this car. Of course, there is no shortage of air suspension and rear axle steering. Thanks to this last ingenious tip, the turning circle barely reaches 10 meters and 50 cm.

The driver can choose between the driving modes Eco, Comfort, Sport and Individual. For models fitted with Airmatic suspension with 4Matic configuration, it is also possible to choose the Off-road mode, which increases the ground clearance by 25 mm up to 70 km/h, and allows for particular specifications in terms of engine.

Speaking of the engines, they are clearly fully electric and start from a range of around 533 km for the basic version, up to the large top-of-the-range monsters with acceleration times of just 4 seconds and 3 tenths.

There is no shortage of data relating to charging times, which can be very fast. Thanks to the rapid direct current systems, up to 170 kW, it is possible to recover up to 220 km of autonomy in just 15 minutes. It is therefore a very short and perfect time to be used during a motorway stop.

However, this car has a fairly "significant" mass, considering that we are talking about 2,600 kg. That is why the Mercedes engineers have worked hard in terms of energy efficiency and aerodynamics.

The Eco mode, for example, allows you to reach a complete stop thanks to the recovery of energy, as well as the deactivation of the front engine. Satellite navigation intends to plan itineraries, based on driving style, but also on traffic and the availability of charging points.

Within the configuration of this car, there is an aspect that is by now customary in modern homes, namely the heat pump. The latter exploits the heating generated by the engines and batteries, at the end of the conditional the passenger compartment without using further precious energy.

In terms of driving aids, we are talking about the second level of ADAS, clearly raised to the highest Mercedes quality standards.

A car therefore with important but not excessive dimensions, which fits perfectly into a very crowded segment. The electric power supply will certainly please all lovers of sustainable mobility, and clearly capable of being able to buy a car at a price that is not within everyone's reach, but certainly a symptom of very high quality and technology.

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credit photo MERCEDES media press