Only 99 examples are arriving for this car decidedly dedicated to off-roading.

The German automotive company Audi has always been accustomed to expressing its creative art within truly iconic cars. It has always managed to shape the tastes of car enthusiasts, even intercepting small niches.

A clear example is the one we are about to present today, i.e. 99 examples linked to the maxi SUV Q8. To be precise, we are not talking about the classic petrol or diesel engine, but instead about the electric version, i.e. e-tron.

This declination is due to the fact that Audi wants to break a taboo that has been present for several years now: large SUVs are not normally designed and used for intense off-roading.

Especially large luxury SUVs, they are mainly used for asphalt, even if they are equipped with all-wheel drive. For this reason, these 99 examples want to underline how it is possible to combine the liveliness of off-road driving inside a luxurious maxi SUV.

Therefore, taking advantage of the platform of the electric Q8, these examples were created which will certainly be snapped up by enthusiasts.

Audi decided to intervene immediately in the aesthetic aspect, with a black bodywork and a specific wrapping that recalls the electric prototype. It is no coincidence that the electric prototype wants to win the Saudi competition, to further establish the importance of Audi electric cars within the world of mobility.

Clearly Audi did not limit itself to changing the aesthetic appearance, but also intervened in the set-up. The limited edition is 6 and a half cm higher than the normal trim of the electric Maxi SUV.

An adaptive air suspension structure and specific tires have also been inserted inside the car. The minimum threshold from the ground is just over 22 cm, with a wading depth of 30 cm.

It is also possible to have a further heightening of the ride by 17 mm, thus reaching over 8 cm more than the normal Q8. The approach and departure angles are 21 and 18 degrees respectively, and this allows the car to approach various off-road routes freely and serenely.

Furthermore, when the doors are opened, we can see the beautiful "Edition Dakar" writing, which is projected onto the ground to give an extra sense of exclusivity and beauty to the car.

Being a limited version, it will also be possible to see the progressive numbering along the rear pillars, to note which one is our car compared to all the cars produced.

As regards the technical specifications of the engine, no changes have been made under the bonnet... or in the entire electrical sector. We always have an engine created by two engines and a maximum power of 408 horsepower and an engine torque of 664 Newton meters.

With a self-limited top speed of 200 km/h and an acceleration time of less than 6 seconds, this car certainly manages to transform driving pleasure within every single moment it is driven.

The declared autonomy is 450 km, thanks to the battery capacity of over 100 kWh.

To tackle off-roading even better and in an even more carefree manner, it is possible to have the luggage rack on the roof, complete with an outdoor bag and fixing straps.

Climbing on board, we notice some touches of exclusivity in the interior, characterized by the package that includes contrasting red stitching and small red edge profiles.

This car will certainly not be visible many times along our roads, as only 99 examples will be produced all over the globe, but we do not rule out being able to see it in some exclusive location and certainly along the Paris-Dakar route.

This is a truly epic stage in the automotive world, which also involves the progressive insertion of new technologies within the automotive world, which will then subsequently be used by all of us in everyday life.

We therefore welcome technological innovations for the new year and also this car.



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credit photo AUDI media press