The presentation of the new fully electric 3008 is arriving at the Zurich motor show.

The Zurich Motor Show is currently underway, which will allow us to present many innovations to the automotive world. Peugeot is no exception, and in fact has decided to display the latest innovations in its electrified range.

The medium-sized SUV which has achieved excellent results over the last few years has been redesigned and rethought in its fully electric version.

The Swiss event wants to demonstrate and underline Peugeot's ambition to become the first generalist electric brand in Europe by 2025. A truly ambitious plan, which aims to be focused on a medium target of customers.

Inside the stand, in fact, it will be possible to see all the electric versions which will be available on the market in a few weeks at most.

These are in detail the New E-208, New E-2008, New E-308, E-RIFTER, E-PARTNER, E-EXPERT, as well as obviously the world preview of the new 3008.

Peugeot has always been synonymous with quality in the car manufacturing phase, and this is certainly an aspect not to be overlooked when purchasing an electric car. With the change in mobility, towards increasingly clear and widespread sustainability, it is necessary to rely on professionals and companies who characterized and marked the twentieth century of thermal cars.

Technically Peugeot is one of those car manufacturers that is doing a lot for electrification, and in fact it can currently count 12 electric models in 2024.

The new year is just a few months away, but already car manufacturers have clearly moved well in advance. In an industrial context it is not possible to make immediate changes to your industrial plan, but months and months of preparation are needed.

The French Automotive company, which falls within the Stellantis umbrella, is progressively accompanying its customers along the maxi path of the energy transition.

The new all-electric 3008 is based on the brand new platform created by Stellantis, and is the first model to benefit from this new technology. This is the result of in-depth studies by the engineers, to allow better performance of the car.

As a first aspect, the autonomy is made available up to 700 km, with truly lightning-fast charging times... that is, 100 km in 10 minutes. Driving pleasure, as well as performance and efficiency have not been affected with the new platform.

Climbing aboard the car, you are immediately greeted by this enormous digital cockpit, which allows you to have driving pleasure at a higher level.

The 21-inch high-resolution curved display allows you to have a complete and total view of everything concerning the management and infotainment of the car.

To be able to see this medium-sized SUV in person, we still have to wait a few months, as it will be marketed from the beginning of 2024.

It is a car that wants to give concrete help to the electrification process, which Peugeot has already started within its range.

In fact, let's not forget the presence of the small 208 already on the market, in a fully electric version, which allows you to quickly slip into city streets. It is the best-selling fully electric model in Europe in 2022, within its segment.

Thanks to a range of over 400 km, with engines capable of releasing 156 horsepower, the small 208 is in fact perfect for all those who drive within the city every day.

For those who want greater width and a raised ride, the 2008 SUV is already available in a fully electric version. In this case the range is around 400 kilometres, with the engine identical to the smaller 208.

For those who love classic compact cars, but with greater volume and traditional driving, here is the 308 electric version. The autonomy is slightly greater, and it is also offered in the station wagon version, a rarity for the market.

To see the fully electric 3008 live, we will have to wait a few more days, but it will certainly be a very valid wait as it is a vehicle that will certainly make history in the automotive world within the electric sector.

Peugeot has always been a company that has characterized the automotive world, and will certainly define new quality and manufacturing standards even in the new era of sustainable mobility.

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credit photo STELLANTIS media press