The German automotive house presents the eighth generation of its representative sedan, also in a fully electric version.

For fans of the BMW brand, the time has finally come to admire the new generation of the reference medium sedan.

A 5 Series that has been renewed over the years, and which has always been synonymous with elegance and a car coveted by many entrepreneurs. Without encroaching on the large dimensions of the 7 Series, it has managed to carve out an undoubted market share over the years.

Before the advent of SUVs, it was in fact the favorite of many entrepreneurs and representatives. Now you don't see many station wagon versions, but until twenty years ago they were very, very common indeed.

This does not mean that they were super inflated, compared to the quality of the product. The BMW 5 Series has always been synonymous with quality and driving comfort, combined with innate sportiness in perfect BMW style. With rear-wheel drive, you were always ready for new driving thrills and thrills.

The BMW business sedan has therefore been completely renewed, introducing new technologies and including a fully electric version for the first time.

Currently only the sedan version is available, as they will have to wait a few more months for the station wagon. It will arrive on the market in October of this year, and will have the same platform as the thermal versions, also for the hybrids and the fully electric version.

All the cars will be produced in the German BMW plant, in order to centralize the entire production process and further raise the quality of the product.

In terms of dimensions, this new BMW 5 Series is 506cm long and 190cm wide. The wheelbase has grown and is nearly three meters long.

At the front, you notice how the headlights have been changed compared to the seventh generation and also the kidney grille. The front grille stands out decisively, and as an option it can also be illuminated.

The high beltline, combined with the decisive surfaces, allows for the creation of a truly excellent profile of the car. The handles are flush and this allows you to create a totally clean lines by looking at it from three quarters.

At the rear, the headlights are developed horizontally in an L shape and are divided between the upper and lower part by a chrome strip.

Climbing aboard the car, you immediately notice the highly technological aspect of the spaces, as well as the technologies included. The soundproofing is really well done and the materials are of high quality. Fewer commands and fewer buttons have been inserted, for an increase in digitization.

Above the steering wheel is the large curved display, oriented towards the driver, which is made up of two 12-inch and almost 15-inch displays.

In this way, there is a perfect division of driving information and infotainment. The steering wheel has also been renewed, with a flat lower section, in order not to interfere with the driver's legs while driving.

In terms of attention to detail, the new 5 Series is also the first BMW model to offer a fully vegan interior series.

As far as the electric motor is concerned, two versions have been created. The top of the range has truly remarkable strength, with 600 horsepower and performance in perfect M style. Four-wheel drive is not lacking, and is guaranteed by two electric motors, each placed on one axle of the car. By setting the Launch Control, the torque generated it reaches 820 Newton meters and acceleration times are less than 4 seconds.

For those who want an electric car, but without excessive energy consumption, a more sedate version is clearly available. Thanks to a power of 440 horsepower and 430 NM, it manages to reach 100 km per hour in six seconds flat.

The autonomy is really very good also for the electric versions and reached 580 km in the more "quiet" version.

For those who want to buy a plugin car instead, they will have to wait some more time. Initially, 48-volt light hybrid versions will be produced, combined with an 8-speed gearbox. Initially, a 208 HP petrol engine and a 197 HP diesel engine will be available in Europe.

In the spring of the new year, plug-in hybrid vehicles and a six-cylinder diesel engine will also finally be available.

Driving comfort, regardless of the engine, is decidedly top. In fact, sportiness and comfort have been further refined. The body has been made stiffer and the weights have been perfectly balanced. The sports steering with variable steering ratio makes it possible to have a truly exceptional car for fast driving in mixed terrain.

For tire lovers, 18-inch and 19-inch rims will be available, as well as special 21-inch versions.

In terms of driving aids, BMW takes a quantum leap and introduces (in some countries) a function that allows you to take your hands off the wheel even on the motorway. This function is allowed in Canada, as well as in the United States of America and Germany, but not in Italy. For lovers of technology and gems related to the Automotive world, for the first time the 5 Series will be able to change lanes automatically thanks to eye activation. As soon as the driver looks in the rear-view mirror, the car can change lanes to overtake a slower-moving vehicle.

No information has yet been released in terms of prices, but it is certainly a car that will continue to position itself in the same price level as the previous generation.


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photo credit BMW media press