The brand with the four rings presents the almost definitive prototype of its electric SUV.

Summer doesn't stop, not even for the big automotive brands. For the occasion, we have decided to tell you about this new prototype, created by Audi within the SUV segment.

It's not a maxi SUV, but a medium-sized vehicle, capable of filling up on energy in just a few moments.

Thanks to the rapid recharge, you can say goodbye to autonomy anxiety and long waiting times at the energy distributor.

Driving the vehicle is really very simple, thanks also to the perfect engineering design of the car and the commands with immediate response. The driver can also choose whether to drive the car in a more relaxed mode, or to seek truly gripping performance.

I deserve this 520 horsepower and 820 Nm of torque.

Data that show how this car was developed in collaboration with Porsche, within a new "framework". We are talking about the first car based on the platform created specifically for the German brand's electric cars.

This new platform will then also be used for the all-electric Porsche Macan. This car is therefore the first test bed for a new era in the automotive world.

The platform will be built in the German city of Ingolstadt, where the batteries will also be assembled. On the car we can even find 800 volts and a charging capacity of up to 270 kW in direct current.

Translating the data, just ten minutes will be enough to have 250 km of autonomy, or less than half an hour to get to 80%.

If you wanted to use direct current, you can still recharge the car using the classic alternating current with a standard 11 kW charger, while the 22 kW one will obviously also be possible.

Data in hand, the total 600 km of autonomy can be easily reached.

The car should come in two versions: an S version and a 55 version, i.e. the one with a more basic set-up.

The 55 version has 400 horsepower and 535 Newton meters of torque. Acceleration times are similar enough for most people, but in reality they are completely different.

We are talking about a difference between 6 and 4.5 seconds.

Audi engineers have put a lot of effort into making a car that doesn't have the classic single-gear feel. The idea was to create a car that conveyed the idea of a car as close to a traditional car as possible.

The steering is characterized by a different steering load, and has also been developed to have a more contrasted return-to-centre. The study of the steering has been particularly careful, in order to give continuity with Audi's past, making it as precise and realistic as possible.

Braking has been redesigned, achieving total modulation of the brake pedal and thus allowing a clear distinction between regenerative braking and emergency braking.

Acceleration has also been revised, allowing for the right combination of "power when needed" and energy saving, when autonomy is the priority.

Once on board, you will then need to decide which of the six driving programs you want to choose. Once selected, the suspensions can also vary up to 7 cm, in order to guarantee efficiency and ability to tackle any type of route and terrain.

The car is therefore compact and light, despite its 480 cm and two tons of weight.

At the moment, the one we see in the photograph is a prototype but it should be very similar to the final version, due out in 2024.

In fact, the new Audi will presumably arrive in the first quarter of the new year, while the version will arrive in the second part of the year, characterized by a tail more like an SUV coupe.

No information has been released regarding the price, but it will certainly be in line with the Premium environment within which Audi resides, and also within the maxi category of electric SUVs.

A car therefore really well done, which will kick off the new Audi platform, also created in collaboration with Porsche, which will allow you to see all the future electric cars of the two brands.

We'll see how the market will respond, but it will certainly be something really exciting to be able to drive this beautiful car on Italian roads, in the winding paths of our Alps and Apennines.


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credit photo AUDI media press in-its-final-stages-15491