The Czechoslovakian carmaker has released a video from which you can glimpse some images of the future of the Karoq update

Very often the car manufacturers anticipate future releases via videos that can be all in all interesting to savor what we will see.

Skoda Karoq is at the heart of the SUVs of the Czechoslovakian house, as it is placed in a size of half size.

In this video, the official and concrete images are anticipated by a few days. The latter will be unveiled on November 30th during an online presentation on social channels.

4 years have passed since the presentation of the first Skoda Karoq and now the time has come to see the evolution with a restyling that does not completely modify the product.

The upgrade, however, is important as it has to change the technology on board but also the design. All Skoda enthusiasts and all those who have bought a Karoq car immediately notice how the rear has changed.

The headlights have been designed and will extend into the large tailgate. According to what is learned online, the front has been completely redesigned featuring a new hexagonal grille with more important dimensions.

Skoda has also worked a lot on the front light clusters making them more slender and composed of 2 LED modules each also equipped with a new technology such as Matrix technology.

This product is very popular in Italy and is currently in the first six months of 2021 the second best-selling model of the house after Octavia. That is why there is a lot of anticipation for the road debut of this upgrade of the Skoda intermediate SUV.

No information has been released regarding prices, clearly as a more technical and more design-related aspect has yet to be defined.

From what you can see from the video, it is also possible to have the vehicle with a four-by-four drive and the lines will be decidedly sculpted and taut. The large horizontal Skoda lettering will obviously be present in the rear, making this vehicle even more design.

Currently the vehicle has a length of about 4 meters and 38 centimeters and should be kept the same length as well as the width and height.

Currently there are only petrol and diesel engines but the presence of electrified versions with a light hybrid or even a plugin is not excluded. These are at least simply suppositions that obviously must be confirmed in the presentation on November 30th.

Surely the presence of a hybrid engine would allow Skoda to embrace sustainable mobility, but we must nevertheless consider that a car manufacturer has to do several math before deciding which engines are. Petrol is currently available on 1,000 or 1500 cubic cm, while diesel is available in the 1,600 and 2,000 cubic cm version with a power that can reach 190 horsepower with 4x4 all-wheel drive.

We will therefore have to wait until November 30th at 10 am on the main channels of the house. On the occasion of that appointment we could concretely see the vehicle defined in its characteristics

credit photo SKODA media press