The Japanese company wanted to present the new technology and the new system that allows you to ensure driving safety every day.

A few hours ago Toyota presented the new driver assistance system that allows you to have very high safety standards inside your vehicles.

We all know that Toyota is one of the car manufacturers that invests most in technology and safety. In fact, every day the Japanese engineers try to optimize and improve the technology inside the car in order to guarantee more and more safety for all of us.

Once it was driven almost exclusively by the driver of the car, but now it's time to share the driving pleasure with the driver's assistants.

The new name Tmate that encompasses all the new driving safety systems was in fact designed to improve safety in many driving situations, from simple precise parking to driving on urban and extra-urban roads.

The simple sensor has been enlarged and now we have radars and cameras that constantly monitor the traffic and the surrounding environment. These driving aid systems are increasingly friendly towards the driver precisely to create a total partnership within each journey.

The new system combines Toyota Safety Sense with other active driving systems and parking assistance.

Focusing aspects of this new system is also the pre-collision system, which incorporates the reduction of driving force at low speeds as well as assistance to approaching traffic with detection of vehicles invading the carriageway and assistance at road intersections ( or the pedestrian crossing).

Obviously, there is an entire emergency stop system and updates that are carried out via the internet and over-the-air systems.

Clearly, depending on the model and the equipment, this T-mate system can be different.

It will enter into contact with the public very soon as a new communication campaign by Toyota is planned in order to underline how the house is very attentive to the issue of safety.

This choice by Toyota to encompass the whole world of automotive safety under one name is very interesting.

We are all taken by the performance data and the efficiency data on sustainable mobility but now Toyota has wanted to emphasize an aspect as important as driving aids. Congratulations to Toyota for being a car manufacturer that always manages to hit the mark and communicate its choices in an excellent way.

credit photo TOYOTA media press