The Japanese car-motorcycle manufacturer is ready to concretely test on the road an innovative technology to replace gasoline with hydrogen. The proposed car is the very famous Yaris in the version awarded all over the world, namely the GR

Toyota is trying to understand what the future of sustainable mobility is. After being one of the first car manufacturers to develop the first hybrid cars, it is now trying to understand how hydrogen could be a more than reliable candidate for the future of our planet.

It is not the first year that Toyota has been trying to understand how to best use hydrogen, but now we are facing the first road tests of hydrogen cars.

When we talk about hydrogen we usually talk about fuel cell cars but Toyota is now about to test a new form of propulsion. This new technology would in fact make it possible to have an internal combustion engine, instead of switching to electric power as happens precisely in hydrogen fuel cell cars.

In this way, unlike what happens with normal petrol or diesel propulsions, hydrogen could be introduced directly into the engine.

This technology is still in the experimental stage and was hypothesized no more than almost 5 years ago. There are already some cars that use this technology within the sports categories. Toyota uses these ultra sports cars that compete within national series to allow the Japanese automaker to test this technology and to subsequently allow the debut on the road.

Currently, the technology has already been tested with a 1600 cubic centimeter engine and 3 cylinders in line. Toyota enthusiasts will remember very well that this engine was placed under the hood of the current Yaris GR, now fueled by petrol and currently also on sale in Italy.

The debut of this new technology is therefore important as it would allow the “hydrogen” reality to revolutionize the life of all of us. If we try to imagine the future for a moment we could therefore understand how there is not simply electricity but also hydrogen.

We do not yet know exactly what the power supply of the future will be and if there will be only one form of power supply alternative to petrol to diesel, but surely Toyota is carrying out a revolutionary project that will lead the Japanese house to be probably among the very first players on the market in terms of technological innovation in the Automotive sector.

There is still a lot to be said and there is still a lot to do in the field of sustainable mobility linked to the world of hydrogen. Probably this proportion will be used and exploited above all in the context of long journeys inside truck engines.

credit photo TOYOTA media press