For all fans of the rally world, here is some news that could be really interesting. It was presented on the occasion of the Rally Italia Sardegna, the Toyota one-make championship.

Toyota has decided to enter the rally world completely by using and creating an ad hoc single-make championship. In this way, the Toyota Gazoo Racing Italia was born.

The presentation was hosted by the Rally Italia 2021 within the Olbia area. It has already been talked about some time ago, but now finally here is the first complete definition.

In particular we are talking about a trophy that is dedicated to the new car, or the New Yaris GR. From next year this car will replace the current Yaris and we will see some really good ones.

Technically, 15 teams will participate in this championship, whose prize money is even € 300,000 and will obviously be distributed between race prizes and final prizes.

Particular attention will be paid in the economic field to awards for young drivers and teams.

The car we will see is the concrete and direct derivation of the road version that will be launched at the end of the year. Obviously, a specific race kit was developed which was used in a concrete and total way by the 15 teams.

The latter were therefore able to prepare the car in compliance with the regulations of the national R1P 4x4 category.

The livery that was used for the presentation is clearly that of the official colors red, black and white. The roof is also characterized by the carbon fiber structure where we can clearly and unequivocally see the Toyota Gazoo Racing Italy logo. We also find other sponsors present within the championship.

Currently, the calendar of races foresees the beginning and end of July for the Roma Capitale rally which will then follow the rallies in the period between September and December, including between Brescia, Verona, Modena and Monza (which has yet to be confirmed, however).
For all fans of the rally world, therefore, here is an interesting news.

The basic car we recall is a 1.6 Turbo capable of developing 261 horsepower and also equipped with a Torsen differential and a permanent all-wheel drive system. The gearbox is obviously manual and is characterized by a 6-speed structure.

Congratulations to Toyota for this choice which is certainly an excellent choice for what concerns the development of the car, but also for a positioning of brand awareness.

In fact, using and developing a single-make championship allows Toyota to have direct feedback to further refine these cars and subsequently sell them as standard to all fans. In fact, we often do not think about it, but the automotive world of racing is very useful for car manufacturers to create a refinement of models. We will therefore see how the Toyota Yaris GR will be further perfected by this excellent marketing and development intuition which is none other than the single-make rally championship.

credit photo TOYOTA