The Italian brand has decided to create a particular and special version in perfect 100% made in Italy style.

We all know how made in Italy is a key and strategic concept for the Lancia Brand. The little Ypsilon has always been an exceptional car and has been associated with strategic collaborations several times.

In fact, over the years the special editions that have characterized the history of this product have been “wasted”. The latest addition to this exceptional automotive history is the new Lancia Ypsilon Alberta Ferretti.

This is the latest addition to the city car, characterized by aesthetic finishes that concern the exteriors but also the interiors. The color is a gray that was created especially for this special series.

Going into the details, this coloring also has an iridescent effect that allows you to have points of pink light hidden inside the bodywork. Some exterior details also feature chrome plating such as the grille, door handles and rear-view mirror caps.

For those who are not fond of this color or simply do not like it, it will be possible to choose other pastel colors or custom colors.

Inside the vehicle we can see some features that emphasize the collaboration and partnership between the Italian car manufacturer and Alberta Ferretti. In particular, attention obviously falls on the seats and the fabrics used for them. Within the world of current mobility, a lot of attention is paid to finishes and fabrics and in this case a polyester yarn made with a recycled fabric was used.

The finishes and seams are in contrasting color characterized by a Rose Gold color. The Alberta Ferretti brand or at least the lettering will be positioned on the seat headrests via the AF monogram.

Also in this case the definition of the monogram has been enclosed with the contrasting Rose Gold yarn. Some other details of this structure have been made unique thanks to the coloring, such as some finishes of the dashboard and the air vents.

For all those who were now wondering about which engines it will be possible to buy this car, first of all let's say that it is proposed on the 1000 cubic cm 3-cylinder hybrid engine and 70 horsepower.

Alternatively, this car is offered in the LPG compartment with a 1200 cubic centimeter engine in a 4-cylinder structure capable of delivering 79 horsepower. This is how the new Lancia Ypsilon Alberta Ferretti arrives on the market with an important desire to determine even more how the Italian spirit and the synergies between leading companies in their sector but still part of the Made in Italy, know how to do and know how to demonstrate to all world.

Lancia Ypsilon was able to keep up and be able to intercept a female audience mainly intrigued and fascinated by these soft but decisive lines. The compactness of the car also allows at least an optimal use in the city and also a very casual use when traveling on extra-urban roads or highways.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press