The Italian automotive company presents a special version of its Stelvio SUV, characterized by exclusive contents that recall the precious historical heritage of the brand.

All lovers of SUVs and in particular of Stelvio, will be delighted to know this ultra limited series of 85 pieces, emblems and symbols of elegance, sportiness and made in Italy.

AlfaRomeo wanted to make these 85 specimens in order to create an ultra limited series characterized by a heritage red etna tristano livery and a reference to the past.

Going into the details of the series, it was the subject of an important research into the colors and details that were present in the 6c SS Coupé model produced by Alfa Romeo in the 40s.

We are talking about one of the latest Alfa Romeo models made with a supporting frame separated from the bodywork. A perfect example of made in Italy knowledge that has been a cult object all over the world for many years.

Through this limited series, Alfa Romeo wants to bring back this characterization of us Italians. Villa d'Este is also always a noble salon for cars, also home to important automotive awards. The Villa d'Este Concours d'Elegance is in fact quite emblematic and car manufacturers use it to showcase their latest gems.

This limited series with a modern flavor, but also an ancient one, will have a diesel engine with a turbocharger of 2200 cubic cm and the capacity to unleash 210 horsepower. The engine structure is the classic 4-cylinder in aluminum with a carbon propeller shaft and an eight-speed automatic transmission, obviously not forgetting the Q4 electronic drive.

The alloy wheels are 21 inches with 5 holes, in order to have maximum sportiness and total elegance.

Climbing on board the car you immediately see the seats made of leather, obviously electronically adjustable.

Alfa Romeo has clearly included all the second-level ADAS systems, as well as the rear view camera with dynamic grilles and the automatically operated tailgate.

To bring this car home you need about 73,000 euros and the cars are already available in Italian dealerships.

The choice of car manufacturers to create limited series is definitely something Premium that bases its foundations on the standard version to then range and intercept some stylistic technical gems that significantly increase the intrinsic value of the car.

We are not so much talking about an immediate economic value but a value in terms of attractiveness in the future for a thriving market such as the limited series automotive one.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press