The house of the German star has decided to combine and structure its connectivity offer on the commercial front.

Once, when the first cars were built, the focus was simply and solely on the experiences of traveling aboard a four-wheeler. Currently the technology is increasing dramatically and so is the advancement of computer technology.

The last few years have declined in a sort of progressive development of connectivity. The most attentive connoisseurs of technology know well how 5G will be the complete evolution of connectivity between cars and between cars and infrastructures.

In recent years, many car manufacturers have been developing dialogue systems between cars and connectivity between humans and cars. If once it was possible to use only the key to open your car, now you just need to place your smartphone on the door to open it.

Within this boundless world, Mercedes wanted to restructure its connectivity offer. The Mercedes me connectivity service is currently available for all Mercedes vehicles and consequently also commercial ones.

In the coming periods, all Mercedes PRO users will be able to have vehicle-related services from Mercedes me that will be the same and comparable to those proposed so far.

Thanks to this integration of connectivity between both private customers and corporate customers, Mercedes therefore allows for a harmonized offer on a 360 ° standard technical platform.

In this way, both cars and commercial vehicles can be used and managed within a common system.

Within the Mercedes me portal we can now create company profiles in addition to the private one. In this way, thanks to the smartphone app, users can switch comfortably from a private vehicle to a commercial vehicle and vice versa. By doing so, the transparency system is also clearer in terms of maintenance and monitoring.

The ability to plan the daily activity of the vehicle increases and therefore all this creates an increase in terms of performance and also of profitability on the part of the company.

These new offers are already available in Germany and 18 other European Community countries as well as in the United States. In the future Mercedes plans to extend this aspect to other countries in order to better meet the future needs of all commercial customers around the world.

This revolution and this fusion of two important sectors as regards the Mercedes, is therefore only an easier and more immediate use of the cars in everyday life.

We all know how anyone who owns a company car or who manages an important car fleet has always been careful to optimize economic investments and also to maximize time savings in terms of overall management.

This is how the world of Mercedes is revolutionized to be ready for an already present tomorrow.

credit photo MERCEDES media press