The Turin-based company, which has always been associated with the concepts of exclusivity and extreme sportiness made in Italy, has decided to make a special version of the 595 available only online.

The world of mobility is evolving rapidly and more and more companies are looking to special series related to the digital world.

In fact, the digital world has entered with arrogance and authority into the way people buy. Once all of us were careful connoisseurs of dealerships and only chose a car after having seen different dealerships and observed how the cars are driven.

Now in many cases people buy cars simply by choosing the car of their dreams even simply online.

Surely anyone who buys an Abarth has very clear ideas. This must be the gem that triggered the idea for Abarth's marketing and sales managers.

In fact, a special version of # F595 has been created. It is a kind of limited edition within the latest limited series.

In fact, the special allows you to have extra contents at a flat rate. Those who are in love with the Abarth world could therefore buy something exceptional at a discounted price compared to a normal list price. The conditions for buying it are very special, that is to be able to grab one of the 165 cars provided and buy the car online.

The engine is a 165 horsepower 1.4 Turbo jet capable of up to 218 km / h and truly burning acceleration. With prices starting from around 25 thousand, it is possible to take home a truly high-performance car.

17 alloy wheels in matt black and a gray metallic paint with splashes of color for the caps and bumpers as well as the yellow brake calipers. Of course, there is no lack of automatic climate like all 7-inch infotainment systems and also the navigator.

Finally, there is no shortage of:

  • Record Monza Superimposed exhaust
  • 165 HP engine
  • Garrett turbine
  • Perforated brake discs
  • Koni FSD suspension
  • 'Total Black' interior with matte black dashboard strip

This little gem can therefore be purchased at a price that is all in all reasonable due to the exclusivity and performance qualities of a 595 Abarth, only online.

Not everyone will want to buy a car before they can see it live, but that's the price you have to pay for something exclusive. In fact, there are only very few cars and they will certainly be the object of collectors who will then keep it forever or resell it at a higher price. The world of limited series is obviously always evolving and always looking for some particular gem.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press