The Lexus Automotive house has been recognized as one of the most virtuous in terms of safety, especially for its NX.

The continuous development of new technologies concerning the safety of passengers, but also of the people around the cars, is really important. Lexus has always been an automotive house that wants to focus on this aspect and that has decided to innovate more and more its models on a daily basis.

In particular recent history has defined how the Lexus NX has been awarded as a mid-size luxury SUV capable of having new technologies to protect all occupants and reduce the risk of accidents.

One of the main features that we must emphasize is the high level of security. In fact, we are talking about a system connected to a radar to allow you to control the traffic approaching from the side / rear of the vehicle.

If there is a risk that the door will affect the path of a vehicle or cyclist when it is opened, the mirror warning light will flash and the door will be canceled.

Basically we are talking about a system that checks whether a car or a cyclist or a pedestrian can arrive when we open a door.

In this way it is possible to avoid a collision and therefore a longer safety period both for us but also for other people.

This system allows you to have a much wider security package.

The complete system of Lexus reaches the third generation and allows to have a better management of the vehicle in terms of accident reduction. In the front of the car there are radars and cameras that are able to identify pedestrians and motorcycles in the path of the car.

When the NX vehicle is inside an intersection, the potential of these radars is to avoid the risk of collision with vehicles or pedestrians. There is also a new emergency steering assistance function that allows you to recognize an obstacle when the car is turning. In this case, a form of automatic assistance is activated in order to avoid the collision by keeping the car in the lane.

It is also possible to request a digital central mirror that allows you to have a clearer and unobstructed view thanks to immediate rear camera feedback. This technological solution allows you to have a clearer vision at night or during bad weather as the resolution is much higher than a normal traditional mirror.

credit photo LEXUS media press