The Italian car manufacturer wanted to create a new interpretation of its SUV for the benefit of the legendary Italian 60s.

AlfaRomeo was a car manufacturer that, together with Fiat, really revolutionized the automotive sector of the 1950s and 1960s. All Alfa Romeo enthusiasts will remember how the 1960s were characterized by the legendary GT 1300 Junior.

Alfa Romeo wanted to create a special and exclusive series dedicated to its Stelvio that refers to the legendary GT 1300 Junior.

To see this little gem we will have to wait a few weeks and precisely until November 13th. It will in fact be between 13 and 14 November that it will also be possible to view this little gem at the Alfa Romeo showrooms.

If the Alfa Romeo GT 1300 was associated with an ideal of sportiness, now also the Stelvio can be peacefully compared to a modern version of sportiness and exclusivity.

The same characteristics could be found in the limited edition GT junior by Stelvio.

We will have a 210-horsepower 2200 cubic centimeter turbodiesel with four-cylinder aluminum engine structure with carbon driveshaft. There will obviously be four-wheel drive and in combination an eight-speed automatic transmission will be positioned.

In terms of coloring we will clearly have the beautiful Ocher Lipari coloring.

In addition to the exceptional coloring of the bodywork, we could also recognize this special series of Stelvio thanks to the 21-inch 5-hole light alloy wheels. On board the car there are some characterizing aspects of this limited series such as the aluminum automatic gearshift paddles that are integral with the steering column and level 2 driving aid systems are also available.

The rear windows are obviously darkened and the Noise Reduction Pack will be present, as well as the LED fog lights and mirror caps.

The price of this exceptional car is certainly not affordable for everyone and is equal to € 72750.

However, we are talking about a limited series and therefore in line with what is normally possible to see during the traditional re-enactments of old glories. Alfa Romeo is carrying out an interesting project with this Stelvio, that is to put the Made in Italy brand at the center.

The intention is obviously both to dust off the charm of the made in Italy of the 60s, but also to create a sort of exclusivity for all those who are passionate about Stelvio, but are always looking for some special and peculiar made in product. Italy.

Alfa Romeo knows what it means to stand out among cars. Alfa Romeo Stelvio GT junior is the perfect emblem of this idea.