Many people are wondering if an electric car or a thermal car is better in 2022. In this article we will try to clarify and understand why it is better to buy an electric car.

  • The environmental impact
  • Lower maintenance costs for electric vehicles
  • Savings on "full"
  • Noise pollution
  • "Administrative" advantages
  • A choice of conscience

The environmental impact

The first reason to buy an electric car is definitely the environmental impact. The electric car, in fact, does not discharge polluting compounds or suspended particulate matter (dust to be clear) during its journey. A normal petrol or diesel car, on the other hand, emits both gaseous substances and particles deriving from combustion into the air and everything is then breathed by all of us.

An electric car does not emit any polluting product so it perfectly respects the environment. If all the cars in the world were electric, there would currently be practically “almost” no polluting emissions into the environment due to the car sector.

Ultimately, adding all the aspects of the relationship between car and environment, the engine is certainly the predominant negative part in terms of polluting emissions.

Lower maintenance costs for electric vehicles

Designing and building an electric car appears much simpler and with lower maintenance costs.

Not having a whole series of mechanical parts in continuous movement, maintenance is certainly easier. In an electric car we do not have a whole series of components to be subjected to regular ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, so the costs to keep the car efficient are lower.

It is also true, however, that electric cars are highly dependent on electric batteries. Normally the average life of an electric car battery ranges from about 5 to 8 years, with limits of up to 300,000 km for lithium batteries.
When we buy an electric car, we must therefore pay close attention to the guarantee that the car manufacturers provide on the battery. We try to have a high guarantee, as the cost of a future replacement can be very heavy.

This aspect, however, should not discourage us in buying an electric car, as they are decidedly cheaper from various points of view, as we are seeing in this article.

Savings on "full"

When we have a thermal car, we clearly have to refuel at a petrol station. In the case of electric cars, however, the situation is decidedly different.

If we have a photovoltaic system, for example on the roof of our home, we can easily refuel our car at almost no cost. Photovoltaic technology, designed to help power our electricity service, can also be very useful in this battery recharging perspective.

Furthermore, electric cars have a higher efficiency rate than thermal cars, with the same energy. In simpler words, the electrical force stored inside the electric batteries is transformed into greater autonomy, compared to a heat engine. To travel 100 km, a thermal car needs a lot of energy, much more than an electric car. Although the cost of refueling an electric car is increasing compared to previous years, it still remains very affordable.

Noise pollution

One aspect that many do not always consider is noise pollution. The beauty of a walk in a wood is, among other things, the absence of industrial noise. Among the many industrial noises, there is also that of the internal combustion engine.

Electric cars do not produce any form of noise, other than that of the simple rolling of tires on the asphalt. It is clear how the acoustic impact in our cities would be truly optimal if all cars were electric. Let's imagine, for example, a city like Milan without the deafening background noise, typical of today. The idea of a quieter world, more on a human scale, is something that will soon come thanks to the revolution of sustainable mobility.

"Administrative" advantages

There are also various administrative advantages, linked above all to the Ecobonus and to the various car tax stamps. In many regions there are total exemptions for the payment of the road tax, but also a discount for various insurance companies. Electric cars have free access, in many cases, to restricted traffic areas, as they do not produce pollution. Obviously, a written request must be made to the competent authorities, as otherwise it would be free and unregulated access.

Many governments around the world have a very specific plan regarding incentives for the purchase of electric cars. The Italian government has implemented important incentives in the past, but does not currently have a comprehensive and well-regulated prospective plan for electric car incentives.

A choice of conscience

We conclude this article of ours with a reasoning of moral ethics. Electric cars are the future of sustainable mobility and are the transition between the thermal world created in a hundred years of technology and the future.

Surely the current electric cars will not be equipped with the most advanced technology, but they are definitely a breath of fresh air and innovation from different points of view for the world in general and for the automotive world in particular.

Buying an electric car means choosing an environmentally friendly way of interacting with the outside world.

Those who buy an electric car now, put their signature on the front line against global warming and for a better world for generations to come.

We don't have the crystal ball so we don't know what the world will be like in 100 years, but if, with a simple snap of our fingers, we could eliminate all polluting emissions, it would be a much better and healthier world.

In Italy there are many people who suffer from diseases related to the respiratory system, which also has as a contributing cause the pollution produced by cars. In Italy, many people die every year due to pollution (of various types), especially within large cities.

This is why buying an electric car becomes a choice for a better future under a personal responsibility aspect. We all want a better world, but change in general has a significant cost. Although electric cars have a higher cost, we must take into account that we are making a kind of voluntary donation, towards our children and our grandchildren. A donation made to revolutionize the world and make it green again, as it was several years ago.

Since the industrial revolution, man has definitely changed the face of the earth. Seas, as well as rivers and glaciers, have been drastically changed. Forests have significantly shrunk, and so the way of experiencing nature has also changed compared to past times.

The electric car is a means not only to face our daily life, but also a means to modify and restore the livability of the Earth. Surely the electric car is not the panacea for all evils in terms of pollution, but it is a great help for an epochal change in which our dream turns into a green reality.

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