The South Korean automotive company has decided to present the first definitive photographs of its new 100% electric car.

Lovers of sustainable mobility and fluid and tapered lines will be really happy to admire these new first photographs of @Hyundai Ioniq 6. It is the new arrival of the Ioniq range, made by Hyundai, and characterized by a very tapered aesthetic.

The South Korean house Automotive therefore follows the theme of Ethical Uniqueness design once again. A car, therefore, pleasantly enveloping and equipped with comfort features and customizable interior lighting.

Thanks to careful study by Hyundai engineers, this new car has a drag coefficient of just 0.21, the lowest ever achieved by Hyundai.

This car has been built with sustainable materials in many parts, testifying to Hyundai's commitment to the values of Green mobility. Observing the lines of this car, it is immediately clear how we are dealing with a sedan car with a decidedly tapered line.

Looking at it from the side, you immediately notice how the rear window is really sloping and characterized by two spoilers. The first is located immediately at the end of the lower rear of the rear window, while the second is just above the line of the rear lights.

Thanks to clean and simple lines, the designers therefore wanted to describe an emotional efficiency that therefore allows you to really connect with sustainable mobility.

The concept of energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility, is expressed at the highest levels by Hyundai ever, inside this car.

The new Ioniq 6 shows, in fact, a convergent emotionality between functionality and aesthetics. An almost obsessive attention to detail was paid by the designers and the engineer to the interior.

Hyundai's will is to create a welcoming environment, designed specifically for people, capable of also offering a pleasant and personalized space.

Ioniq 6 is the stylistic sequel to the Ioniq 5, obviously implemented with a strategy linked to the new Hyundai design, which gives each model a truly unique appearance.

Different lifestyles and different styles of cars can be designed by the same Automotive house, especially if we are talking about one of the largest in the world, with car sales in every single part of the globe.

Energy efficiency, therefore, is extremely maximized inside this new car, also thanks to the very low drag coefficient. All this was made possible thanks to a low front end, as well as active air deflectors in the front and reduced wheel arches.

As an option, you can buy very thin digital side mirrors, or cameras that take the place of the classic rear mirrors.

All the lights are defined and declined in a pixel technology, with over 700 pixels in different points between the front, rear and side lights.

Braking is visually very impactful, thanks also to the new lighting technology from Hyundai.

The passenger compartment is characterized by a large horizontal display, which is defined vertically on the entire dashboard and dashboard. In this way, Hyundai wants to bring together all the technology of the car in a very narrow scope.

Returning to the subject of manufacturing sustainability, Hyundai engineers have paid particular attention to sustainable materials, both inside and outside.

Interesting solution for what concerns the pigment paint, obtained from recycled end-of-life tires for some external coatings, as well as a bamboo charcoal pigment paint for the bodywork.

Furthermore, depending on the set-up, we can have an ecologically treated leather on the seats, or a recycled roof fabric, but also on the dashboard it is possible to have a treated leather.

The door panels, on the other hand, have a particular Bio paint, derived from vegetable oils, while the carpet is in fabric derived from the recycling of fishing nets.

The world premiere of this beautiful new car will take place in July, when it will describe all the technical aspects.

We currently have no other information, other than those expressed above, but the expectation is very high, in global terms, for this new car from Hyundai, 100% electric.


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credit photo Hyundai media press