It will arrive in Italian dealerships in June, only in the plug-in hybrid version. The Launch Edition is already available for order.

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The news

Everyone who is in love with the Jeep world is automatically in love with the Grand Cherokee. Two words that convey a sense of prestige and grandeur on the road.

From day one it was created, this car conveys extreme luxury in premium dimensions. With the passage of time, the appeal has never changed and even now, with the fifth generation, the factors do not change.

Already on sale for a few weeks in the US, it is 4m and 91cm long and is 100% new. Of the previous generation, we cannot find even an inch as the designers have put their hand, in a deep and accurate way, to the whole project.

Important news for the engines, which will simply be hybrid plugins. The main novelty is, in fact, under the hood. The version prepared and designed for Europe has been unveiled: we will no longer have a V8.

The hybrid engines are not new, but they are those taken over by the Wrangler. In other words, under the hood we will have a 2000 cubic centimeter 4-cylinder with petrol turbocharger and an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The total power, also considering the electric motor, is 380 horsepower and 637 Newtonmeter of torque. Comparing the power of the gasoline engine made only for the United States of America, the hybrid is much more powerful.

The electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of 17 kWh. Positioned under the floor, the batteries have the ability to propel the car in fully electric mode for up to 51 km of range.

This data is very interesting, considering the important weight of the car. Obviously there is no lack of all the characteristic aspects of the Jeep such as lockable differentials, but also the off-road driving mode and air suspension in order to lift the car from the ground.

The habitability

As we said, the new Grand Cherokee is characterized by a total restyling and redesign in every single aspect. There is no shortage of fine leather upholstery and real wood inserts with open pores on the door and dashboard panels.

The dashboard houses 3 screens. We are talking about the dashboard screen, the multimedia system display and the one in front of the passenger, which also allows you to watch movies.

Screens can also be added for rear passengers, thanks to a new and renewed infotainment. Those who sit in the second row have more legroom, but also more space for the shoulders, as well as a heated and ventilated sofa.

The trunk still grows to 567 liters.

Pre order

Starting today, it is possible to pre-order the Launcher Edition until March 30th.

The discounted price is € 94,000, with an advance of € 24,000 and 36 monthly payments of approximately € 859.

Not always a car manufacturer is able to repeat what it has created up to now, in terms of luxury and prestige. Jeep, on the other hand, did it perfectly.

Jeep wanted to create a fifth edition of its Grand Cherokee, significantly differentiating the engines between Europe and the United States of America. The old continent is, in fact, more ready for an ecological transition than the maxi SUV of the house. We will not see petrol or totally diesel engines. This choice is interesting, as the technology now implemented by Jeep allows you to travel 50 km in an urban environment in 100% electric mode.

These data and these values go hand in hand with the change that Stellantis has brought about. This new car has a decidedly important cost that is not within everyone's reach. All in all, the technological and comfort innovations justify the price and allow for the establishment of a new quality standard for cars.

Even simply the heated and ventilated rear seats are a small gem, which allows us to clearly understand how Jeep is attentive not only to the lucky driver owner, but also to all those who are in the car. Those who buy such a car, in fact, are pleased that all those who are in the car have the highest standards of comfort.

For this reason, Jeep wanted to make changes to further improve driving comfort and also the comfort on board its new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

We will see, in the coming months, if this new car can keep up with the other competitors.

In recent years, several cars have come out that can compete directly with this maxi SUV. Let's think, for example, of the BMW X7 or even the Audi Q8.

Two very simple examples, but which well express the average level of competition that Jeep has in this segment. If on the one hand the Audi Q8 is an SUV of important dimensions, but devoted above all to sportiness, on the other hand we have X7, or a maxi living room born from the BMW 7 series.

To posterity, an arduous sentence or, more simply, in a few months on the pages of to see the sales figures of the maxi SUVs.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press