World-linked luxury house Toyota unveiled the new generation of LX. A luxury SUV, almost ten years after its first public appearance, which however does not abandon the idea of being a perfect vehicle for off-road.

The time has come for an important renewal of the maxi SUV Lexus LX 600.

As we said before, almost ten years have passed since his first public appearance. The new version will be presented in 2022 and features important aesthetic innovations.

Its imposing size makes it an SUV devoted to the luxury of comfort. Looking at the vehicle from the front three quarters, you immediately notice the large radiator grille that blends perfectly with the grille.

The hourglass shape of the grille is the same and historic as the Lexus brand. News regarding the running lights with 3D technology, which allow a total and perfect view of everything in front of the vehicle.

The wheel arches are very muscular and blend perfectly with the imposing style of the entire body, observing it in its entirety.

The alloy wheels can be of important dimensions, up to 22 inches. However, we do not know any other information in terms of dimensions other than the inches of the tires. Lexus has in fact wanted to remain vague and not make statements about the real dimensions.

Climbing aboard the car we immediately notice the instrument panel which includes several digital screens inside. At the top there is a 12-inch display below which we find a 7-inch display that should be used for some practical functions such as the climate.

The front central tunnel is very wide and therefore allows a comfortable reality of long journeys. Obviously this vehicle is characterized by a 7-seat configuration in the cockpit, also given the enormous size.

Under the bonnet, Lexus will place a V6 structure with double turbocharging from 3500 cubic centimeters capable of unleashing 415 horsepower and 649 Newton of maximum torque.

Obviously, there is also a gearbox which in this case is automatic with 10 gears and is perfect for guaranteeing a smooth ride and lower consumption.

The suspension features a double wishbone technology with optimized coil springs.

The new LX also has a new electric power steering but also a new electronically controlled braking system. Depending on the type of background we have, we can choose an AUTO traction control mode rather than other various modes made specifically for optimal comfort and management of the car on the road.

Lexus will be available in 2022 with prices that have not yet been declared. All those interested will obviously be able to choose different set-ups and in this case there are even five.

credit photo LEXUS media press