The US automotive giant has decided to accelerate the development phase of its electric models. Within two years, 7 new electric models will arrive, including three cars and four commercial vehicles.

The sustainable revolution is also affecting automotive manufacturers overseas. Ford is giving a further boost in these hours.

The American automotive giant of the blue oval has decided, in fact, to prepare a time trial waiting for the next electric models.

Having foreseen two separate divisions for thermal and electric cars, it now illustrates its electric strategy for Europe. The goal is to sell as many as 600,000 battery-powered cars each year by 2026.

Adding up the other sales of electric cars around the world, the American automotive giant aims to sell 2 million electric cars every year.

To achieve this, the house has decided to present 7 new electric models including three cars and four commercial vehicles . The strategy is, in fact, to be present on as many market segments, in order to intercept as many people interested in the world of sustainable mobility.

More specifically, we will see vehicles that will flank the already electric cars of the Ford brand. We are talking about the electric Transit and the Mustang Mach-e.

According to forecasts, a 5-seater medium-cut crossover with a range of 500 km will arrive . His arrival is expected next year, but no information has yet been released about it.

A further novelty is the sports Crossover scheduled for 2024. A lot of anticipation is above all about this car of which very little is known, but which should definitely tickle even the finest palates in the field of electric sportiness.

Also in 2024 the electric Puma will arrive, which will be built at the Craiova plant in Romania.

These two new cars, namely the mid-size Crossover and Crossover Sport, will use Volkswagen's modular MEB platform. The two houses have in fact created and signed a historic agreement for the automotive world. These cars will be built in Cologne, in the German plant where Ford has planned a substantial update of the structure. The battery assembly plant will be operational in 2024 and the goal is to assemble 1,200,000 vehicles over the next 6 years.

Those who are interested in commercial vehicles, on the other hand, will not be decidedly disappointed. The American brand plans to build an electric drive for its one-ton transit Custom Van, but also for the Tourneo Custom which will arrive in 2023.

Transit Courier and Tourneo Courier will complete the proposal in 2024.

The US brand has decided to sign some agreements, in order to optimize the production phases of electric cars as much as possible. Ford, together with SK and Koc Holding, has decided to write down a non-binding memorandum of understanding to create a joint venture in Turkey, capable of potentially becoming a leader in the sector.

In fact, the companies have the idea of developing several factories in Europe for the production of batteries for electric vehicles. The joint venture will initially be located near Ankara and will produce high nickel cells. In the start-up phase there should be a production capacity of around 30 or 45 GWH. The construction phases are expected to be completed, and production is expected to start by mid-2025.

This decision by Ford is definitely very profitable, as it allows to widen as much as possible the impact of electric cars within a diversified market, but with low purchase costs.

Electric cars, in fact, have a much higher purchase cost than thermal cars, but in consideration of the Ford brand, the cost is expected to be lower.

Ford has always been a brand that aims to accommodate the needs of people, trying to create products that are as optimal in terms of quality and affordable as possible.

Ford Puma was the best-selling car in Europe in 2021 and the 100% electric version will therefore be able to bring this successful car to a wider audience of European consumers.

In this way, Ford wants to reduce as much carbon dioxide pollution in the air as possible, also in consideration of the agreement developed with the support of the Turkish government for the development of the joint venture. Producing electric cars also means completely rethinking the value chain, thus obtaining an important aspect in terms of return.

We will see what the next information that Ford decides to release will be. Currently only this large image is available on the web, which we shared above and which shows the different types of vehicles.

There is much anticipation especially for the new fully electric vehicles in the automotive sector, as well as clearly for the commercial vehicle par excellence, the Transit Custom. So stay tuned here on You Driver, as as soon as there are news, we will notify you immediately.


credit photo FORD media press