A few hours before the Miami F1 Grand Prix, the new version dedicated to the Alpine A110 was presented, with truly unique colors.

The Automotive world is often looking for small gems that can give that extra touch to a car already in production. At the # F1 Grand Prix in Miami, a truly extravagant package was unveiled for the Alpine # A110.

The Automotive Brand wants to celebrate participation in the Formula 1 Grand Prix, with this exclusive car livery. The Alpine brand, within the Automotive world under the French flag, has always declined to Premium sportiness.

The version in question therefore celebrates a special edition that recalls the themes and colors of the city of Florida, with unique characteristics, both for the bodywork, but also for the interiors.

The car in question can already be booked through the Alpine app, while orders and marketing will begin in early summer.

Therefore, on the occasion of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami, it is possible to choose these two purely summer colors, truly made in Florida. The package will be available as an option, and is particularly distinguished by the blue and pink hues.

In combination with these extravagant body colors, we also see 18-inch alloy wheels in white color.

Getting on board the car, you immediately notice the floor mats characterized by embroidery and finishes matched to the color of the bodywork. The internal door moldings also follow the external color of the bodywork.

The seats are truly sporty and very enveloping, and therefore allow the driver and passenger to be absolutely at the center of an exciting experience from a sporting point of view.

The center console, together with the seats, is entirely in leather with gray stitching. The most passionate of the Alpine brand know very well how this car was restored under a design context last year in September.

The engine is truly exceptional, even if it may seem small in size. In fact, we are talking about a 1800 cubic cm engine, capable of unleashing 252 horsepower and 320 Newtonmeter of torque thanks to a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Also thanks to the very low weight, the acceleration time is just 4.5 seconds to shoot from 0 to 100 km per hour. Those who buy this car will have the opportunity to benefit from a multimedia system with a 7-inch touchscreen, as well as the whole new Alpine Telemetrics menu.

The data presented such as acceleration times, but also the gearbox temperature and the performance on the track, give the driver truly sublime sensations. Obviously there are three driving modes, to range from the choice of a more normal driving, to move to the sporty one and finally get to the circuit one.

The information regarding the price of this package has not yet been declared, but we still remember that we are talking about a car of at least € 61,000 in the "traditional" version.

In our opinion, this proposal is really successful, as it perfectly marries a totally sports car, with that fame and image typical of the Florida world.

Even the advertising visual, with which the car was presented, manages to convey well that state of Alpine exclusivity, which goes well with two colors, which most likely would not have been so beautiful on other cars.

Often and willingly, in fact, car manufacturers have to go and create colors that are able to best express the appeal of the car in question . In our opinion, in this case, Alpine has really managed to intercept people's curiosity and create a new graphic design for this beautiful and timeless car, with total charm.

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credit photo RENAULT media press