The little girl from the Japanese company won the coveted prize. Once again, the ingenuity of Toyota engineers has beaten the competition for a car that looks small but is absolutely perfect for the lives of the vast majority of people.

From the very first day Toyota unveiled the first generation of Yaris in 1999, it was evident that the product was of excellent quality. The interior habitability of the first generation of Yaris had in fact amazed everyone. It seemed impossible to have allowed to decline such a large internal airiness, that the competitors were forced to review all their designs.

Now, 21 years after the first generation award in 2000, Yaris wins again with the latest version.

The attractive design and safety levels also convinced the jury, without forgetting of course the hybrid technology particularly appreciated for its low emissions.

The winner of the most coveted prize in Europe, Car of the Year, was defined by a jury made up of 59 automotive journalists from all over the continent.

A particular note must be considered about the presence of Yaris always within the candidates as Car of the Year in these 20 years. This aspect is fundamental to understand how this car has always been among the elite of the most ingenious and most popular cars. It is not easy to create a product that is always confirmed in terms of sales in terms of stylistic and even editorial appreciation. In fact, very often what the critics like, the people don't like and vice versa. With Yaris, on the other hand, the sales figures have always been supported by the fact that the car was always included in the candidates as Car of the Year.

The jury praised Yaris's hybrid technology, which achieves low emissions while driving, particularly within cities. Combining this with accessibility and ample interior space, we easily found the reasons that push over 80% of buyers to choose Toyota's Full Hybrid technology.

The choice to decline the cars according to a form of hybrid power, has therefore rewarded Toyota over the years, also because it has managed to maintain an internal spaciousness, without taking away too much space due to the presence of the various batteries.

And that's not the only award Yaris could receive this year. It has recently been nominated as a finalist of the best-selling car award in Europe: this only underlines the speech we have said previously about people's interest in the car.

Toyota has therefore received the Car of the Year award three times over the past 21 years. The first is clearly the Yaris in 2000, which was followed by the Prius in 2005 and now the New Yaris in 2021. Not many car manufacturers can boast of having climbed the top step of the podium three times in twenty. years. In concrete terms, it means that Toyota has managed to produce one in seven times a car capable of beating its competitors.

All thanks to hybrid technology but also to a line that has managed to constantly renew itself while remaining faithful to the Japanese style that has now conquered everyone in Italy and Europe.

credit photo Toyota media press