The home of the star presented the concept of its maxi van dedicated to family and leisure with a fully electric drive as a world premiere. Let's find out together with the details.

The advance of Mercedes within the world of sustainable mobility and electric traction continues unabated. The first images of the new Mercedes Benz Concept EQT were presented a few hours ago.

We are talking about the T class and its totally electric variant for family and leisure. Specifically, it is a small Van with windows on all the data that can therefore be used safely by any family every day.

Spaciousness has never been lacking within the Mercedes T-class , and now with an availability of up to 7 seats and an electric drive, it is preparing to enter the new electrified era.

Aesthetically it is very fluid and characterized at the front by a long and wide LED strip that emphasizes the front bumpers forming a sort of smile. At the back you can see the red horizontal LED strip that passes from side to side and therefore allows you to define the width of the car very clearly.

The shapes are in fact very sinuous and also characterized by well-defined wheel arches that highlight the expressive charge of this car. Also in the front part we also remember that there will be a star motif illuminated by 3D LED effects that will therefore define a very futuristic view.

There will also be the panoramic roof that will be obtainable from part to part of the car. The interiors are truly cared for with minimal attention. In this Concept they have been declined with an elegant supply of white and black leather. Even the interiors are declined with a very fluid shape that allows to give airiness and spaciousness to the objects.

The air vents are circular in shape and are characterized by a glossy black color. The look is modern but overall very traditional. Obviously, the Mercedes-Benz User Experience infotainment system cannot be missing. It is possible to operate this infotainment system both by voice, but also through a convenient central display with touch function.

This vehicle will be characterized by a length of about 5 meters and a width of 1 m and 86 cm. The large opening sliding doors are able to allow even the third row to enter comfortably thanks to the folding of the rear seats in an immediate way.

This car is perfect for people who have a large family but who need to travel with a sufficient amount of suitcases and so on.

To see this vehicle on the road, however, we will have to wait until 2022 as there is still something to do in terms of design. No information has been released regarding the technical data of the engine.

credit photo MERCEDES media press