News coming for several lines of the German house of the four rings. For 2022 they change the Audi A1, A4, A5, Q7 and Q8. Let's find out the details together.

Let's say it right away: these interventions by Audi are small, but they are certainly significant of the company's willingness to go once again to establish who reigns in the Premium segment.

In fact, there is no mention of a distortion of the models in terms of style, but of modernization as regards the external lines. Not only one line has changed, but several lines have changed from the smallest and most compact A1 to the maxi sporty Q8 SUV.

Starting with the smallest # A1 city car , the Model Year 2022 will also have the S Line Competition set-up on the list. It cannot be ordered for all engines, but simply for the 30 TFSI and 35 TFSI without forgetting the 40 TFSI (which, however, cannot be ordered in Italy). This special package highlights the sporty nature of the car even more. Includes mirror caps in platinum gray . This color was also used for a front spoiler finish and for the logo.

There will also be a black contrasting roof that separates well from the bright and electric colors of the bodywork. The front and rear LED lights have been darkened to give a touch of further aggression. For all fans it will also be possible to book the car with red brake calipers on 18-inch alloy wheels.

As for the # A4 and # A5 cars , there are also in this case some forms of sporty personalization. In fact, there are the S Line competition and S Line competition plus versions. In addition to the classic S line version, the Competition package also includes a matte black front grille and a protective strip for stone scratches . Let's not forget the S4 spoiler and the glossy black Audi rings at the front.

It will also be possible to choose 19-inch alloy wheels with colored calipers . The headlights will be available in the Matrix, as will also be available ambient lights in the customizable cockpit. The rear-view mirrors will be characterized by the black color and the front sill will be illuminated. For the A5, it will be possible to book a trim with 20-inch wheels and certain black elements. Particular and evident is the black spoiler and the radiator grille.

As for the maxi SUVs of the German manufacturer of the four rings # Q7 and Q8, there are interesting news both inside and outside. The Black Plus package includes black details that further characterize the grille frame. Carbon fiber was further used in order to define an even sportier interior. The interiors have special colors with contrasting red stitching on the seats and steering wheel. For all lovers of alloy wheels, these two cars can have 21-inch and even 23-inch wheels for the # Q8 to give a maximum touch of sportiness.

Prices vary widely depending on the Audi line and start at around € 27,000 for the small A1, up to € 84,000 for the Q8. Obviously we are talking about two distinctly different types of cars, but which nevertheless highlight Audi's sportiness in every single detail.

media credit AUDI press