The images and official data of the model that anticipates the face of the cars of the future have been released. A 630 hp electric roadster built on the SSP platform, created specifically for zero emissions and almost completely autonomous driving (level 4).

It's an important day today as information about how Audi thinks about the future has come out.

For the first time, official images of how we will see future Audi have been made public. These photos anticipate by a few days the official presentation of the car that will be presented at Monterey Car Week, precisely on 13 August.

We are talking about a powered electric roadster with an engine capable of unleashing 632 horsepower and over 500 km of autonomy.

The basis of everything is a platform built from scratch specifically for electric. All the new electric vehicles of the Volkswagen group will be built on this new platform and will replace the current MEB platform on which all the current electric vehicles of the Volkswagen group are analyzed.

After this car, other concepts should arrive that anticipate other categories of future cars. We are talking, for example, of the large electric sedan that should replace the Audi A8, while we will talk about a compact SUV at the beginning of 2022.

This new platform also involves significant use of technology and should be capable of supporting level 4 autonomous driving.

This roadster is actually capable of accommodating two occupants in total luxury according to an exciting sporting key. By pressing the button you can switch from a sport mode to a great tuning.

In terms of length we are about 5 meters which could however become 5 meters events in cases where the Grand Touring mode is defined. In fact, the car can be lengthened and shortened according to the driving selection that has been chosen.

The alloy wheels are 23 inches with remarkably large dimensions of up to 285 mm of tread.

In terms of weight this car should reach just 1800 kg and all this is thanks to German engineering and abundant use of aluminum.

In terms of design this car is truly extreme both inside and out. The front LED headlights are very important in addition to the very long nose.

Climbing aboard this car you immediately notice the very squashed steering wheel and which is hardly noticeable compared to the overall dashboard. Thanks to the use of the electric motor and not a heat engine, Audi was able to use engineering solutions in terms of design in an interesting way.

It almost seems to be in a living room and not inside a technological car.

Obviously we are not talking about prices or a debut on the road but about a Concept that should however trigger an electric revolution by Audi. So congratulations to Audi for being able to develop an exciting product and completely revolutionize the electric market of tomorrow.

credit photo AUDI media press