The Italian car manufacturer has decided to present a special version of its premium sedan and SUV, specifically designed for e-commerce. Let's see together the details of these two exceptional cars.

We all know how the car manufacturers love to madness to decline a thousand different versions. The successful cars are created in particular in different versions, especially as regards the Italian brands. Just think of the thousand variations that Fiat wanted to give to Panda and its other cars produced.

This time it is AlfaRomeo's turn that has created a special version for its Giulia and Stelvio. In both cases we have a Web Edition variant, designed specifically for e-commerce . These two cars can in fact be ordered on an online platform using a special and specific offer.

Obviously, the Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo has also thought of an exclusive set-up.

As for the Stelvio , we have a set-up that is basically based on the Veloce version and we also have the sportiness of the yellow brake calipers and the performance pack. The latter has inside the rear differential lock, the Alfa Active Suspension active suspension and the shift paddles on the aluminum steering wheel. It is possible to choose two engines, between the 2,000 Turbo petrol with 280 horsepower or the 2,200 turbodiesel with 210 horsepower. In all cases it is possible to have the 8-speed automatic transmission, but also the Q4 all-wheel drive.

As for the Giulia sedan , we have a set-up that is fundamentally based on the Executive set-up, but with something more. We have tinted rear windows, wireless Charger, red brake calipers, advanced driver safety systems, steering wheel shift paddles and a folding rear seat as standard.

In terms of engines, the car is offered only with a 2,200 turbodiesel engine and a total power of 190 horsepower. The gearbox is eight-speed automatic with a rear-wheel drive. Currently no information has yet been released regarding general prices, although it is already possible to order the cars at the site specially created by Alfa Romeo and then subsequently conclude the purchase at the dealership.

It is therefore a hybrid sales model that starts online and is perfected in the dealership.

Externally, the cars do not differ much from those we already know, but they are still very beautiful and already very perfect in their sportiness. This e-commerce version therefore intercepts a segment of the public that is attentive to digital channels and that already trusts Alfa Romeo.

Buying a car online is something very important and not for everyone. Alfa Romeo therefore wants to intercept an audience that is very inclined to direct contact between the user and the brand and who can also avoid a direct demonstration by a seller.

We do not know if there will be other future e-commerce versions within the Stellantis world , but certainly the choice of Alfa Romeo is very interesting and could open new paths for all the other brands that fall within this Italian-French mega group.

Could this be the new way to sell cars in 2021 and subsequent years?

credit photo STELLANTIS media press