The French house has decided to present the new Arkana half SUV, now declined with determination to a hybrid creation.

The new version of the SUV Renault 100% hybrid coupe has finally arrived. We are talking about a vehicle with an important innovation in terms of engines.

In fact, Renault has declined this E-Tech hybrid engine equipped with a battery capable of delivering 230v. In fact, according to Renault's declarations, almost 80% of the time spent inside our city can be done in fully electric mode.

Fuel consumption is therefore able to drop by up to 40% less. The terms of consumption we are talking about just 4.8 liters per 100 km and CO2 emissions are equal to 108 grams for every km traveled.

The vehicle in question was chosen in the versions already on the market, by over 10,000 customers throughout Europe.

In addition to this engine, Renault has also decided to include a totally petrol engine that is supported by a 12 volt micro hybrid. We are talking about a 1.300 tce 160 horsepower engine which uses a micro hybrid capable of reducing consumption by about 8% and also emissions equal to 8.5% as regards CO2.

If, on the other hand, we consider consumption, it is possible to get to 5.7 per 100 km.

This is certainly a car where space is not lacking. Although it comes in a Coupé shape, this SUV is perfect for managing a family's luggage in the best possible way. Currently the trunk can have well over 450 liters and therefore is perfect for traveling in a totally relaxed way even for a weekend or week-long vacation.

The comfort inside the car is truly exceptional and the legs of the rear passengers are certainly not sacrificed.

Currently this hybrid version is on the market for about € 31,850 and is therefore the object of interesting attention from all those who are interested in having a hybrid SUV with a really low price.

The interiors are clearly in Renault style, made optimal and minimalist by a thousand experiments and by tens of thousands of people who have already chosen and approved this style easily attributable to the Renault brand.

Surely Renault's choice is quite courageous as the SUV Coupé market is intensifying in terms of supply.

In fact, if once the cars focused more on a general concept of SUV, at present the car manufacturers are at least expanding their offer of SUV Coupé.

We are not just talking about premium automotive houses, but also about automotive houses that are affordable for all budgets of people.

In fact, Renault's offer is very good as it has a solid engine and a truly soft car line in terms of appeal. Renault will certainly have no problems positioning this vehicle as it is dynamic and fresh.

It does not have a coupé-like line that prevents the passengers in the rear compartment from being comfortable. Even those who are 1.75 meters tall have a good space to relax and enjoy a very pleasant journey along the roads in these summer months.

credit photo Renault media press