The German car manufacturer has decided to carry out a small restyling for the model made entirely by AMG. Let's see what changes.

The house of the German star has decided to make the restyling of the model developed completely by the ultra sports division AMG. We are returning to the legendary GT coupé4.

It is certainly not an economical car and it is definitely a car declined to extreme sportiness.

As for the outside, the novelties are really small and only the most attentive eyes can pick them up. The first aspect is definitely the body colors. Anyone who wants to buy the new Mercedes AMG GT Coupé 4 now has the opportunity to have the new spectral blue metallic, cashmere white and spectral blue magno.

We are therefore talking about two opaque colors and the classic metallic . In this way the colors that can be chosen are increased for an even more unique and personal sportiness.

We also have the debut of some 20-inch alloy wheels with 10-spoke design and the calipers are also painted red for the 6-cylinder models.

The car's ability to be unique is inherent in being Mercedes AMG. The German company in fact allows the future buyer to customize their car with sports packages. In fact, we have the possibility of combining the night package and the carbon fiber package. In this way, every single car can be unique only to itself.

For lovers of sportiness, the suspension has been designed and based on a multi-chamber air suspension system. In this way the damping is adaptive and is electronically adjustable.

The direct consequences are obviously an increase in comfort and an even greater ability to sportiness . All this must not be overshadowed by a decidedly luxury car. The materials are of the highest quality and of the highest level.

Fabrics are among the most expensive and finest around. The lucky buyers can therefore also choose highly prized customizations such as a wooden customization. Wood will in fact be possible for the dashboard and the interior of the doors. The steering wheel has also been changed to an original dual-spoke design and several integrated buttons.

As for the technical power data of this car, we remind you that we are talking about an ultra special car. With a displacement of 2999 cubic centimeters, it is capable of unleashing up to 435 horsepower and 520 Newton meter of torque. In this way the 0-100 km / h acceleration is in just 4.5 seconds, with a maximum speed of 285 km / h.

To see the road we have to wait a few more weeks as it will arrive in the dealerships in August. A few more weeks then to be able to see this beautiful car live and daydream.

credit photo MERCEDES media press