The Turin-based company has decided to present the 2021 version of its commercial vehicle par excellence. With 40 years of activity behind it, it is the leader in the European market.

Yes, the Ducato has just turned 40 and Fiat has decided to renew it once again.

It was back in 1981 when it was first launched. It has always been a bestseller when it comes to commercial vehicles, but also the basis for subsequently creating excellent motorhomes.

Looking at the 2021 version, there are no important structural changes regarding the scope and various aspects such as volume and flexibility. The main changes were in fact made in terms of design, electronics and engines.

In fact, the new Ducato 2021 allows for a payload that can reach up to 2.2t and up to 17 cubic meters for the load compartment.

The customizations are endless and can even reach 10000 different configurations.

Fiat engineers have managed to keep the load compartment constant, which being square in shape, perfectly permits loading operations.

As for the engines, there have been some interesting innovations. In this new version, we have the third generation of multijet diesel engines. In terms of power, they are spread over 120, 140, 160 and 180 horsepower.

This new architecture was created internally by Fiat and optimized to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The 6-speed manual gearbox has also been improved but also the 9-speed automatic gearbox which is available in 140, 160 and 180 horsepower versions.

The new Ducato also features the Heavy Duty version with 3 power levels and a manual or automatic gearbox.

As far as the aesthetic aspect is concerned, we can say that the new Ducato takes a lot of the course of the Fiat cars.

In fact, in the front we find the new logo that dominates the front grille. The full LED headlights allow you to have even 30% more than traditional halogen bulb headlights.

Getting on board the car, we notice how the dashboard is made with a large display positioned in the center of the dashboard.

There is clearly no shortage of diversified packages that allow you to make each vehicle unique. In fact, there are Easy, Business and Lounge configurations.

The steering wheel has also been improved and is now present with a reduced turning circle.

As for the prices, we start from about 17 thousand up to obviously much more important figures with a whole series of other configurations.

Fiat has once again managed to create an exceptional product while maintaining constant quality and a decidedly low price. It is no coincidence that Fiat has managed to be a market leader for over 40 years with this simple but perfect product.

We are absolutely sure that with these improvements, there are many more people who need a commercial vehicle and also a base for a motorhome and a great summer vacation.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press