The German company has decided to present the sports version of the 100% electric SUV-Coupé model. Let's find out together.

The electric breakthrough of Volkswagen is quite evident and is progressively converting all the cars, or rather all the segments in which it is present, into 100% electric versions.

The German house obviously does not forget the sportiness and the need for people to have quite innovative performance vehicles.

News of a few hours ago is the ultra sporty version of the ID.5, the GTX.

We are talking about the sporty version of the first Coupé SUV developed by Volkswagen on the MEB platform, distinguished by an elegant design and integral 2-engine drive.

Also equipped with a constant connection, in order to receive updates independently, this new car comes with fluid lines that allow you to have a sporty silhouette without sacrificing elegance.

Volkswagen has incorporated LED matrix technology into the front headlights with optimal illumination with intelligent headlight control. The headlights are also characterized by an important LED strip that illuminates the front interior that connects the two optical groups.

The dynamic character therefore remains remarkable even if the car is not running but is simply shown from the front three quarters.

The Coupé line is highlighted by the drop-down pillar and allows the car to have a sporty line without being too sacrificed in the rear.

In fact, taller people are not hindered in getting on board this car and therefore it is perfectly suited for a daily life.

Observing the car from the rear three quarters, one immediately observes how the lines are purely horizontal and give the car an optical stability as well as a sense of grandeur in terms of size.

The LED rear lights with 3D design allow to have a form of technological innovation as well as design.

As far as traction and autonomy are concerned, we are talking about a double all-wheel drive that guarantees excellent driving performance and sporty handling. The large battery, positioned between the axles, allows a range of up to 497 km .

To see this car we will have to wait a few more months as the launch is scheduled for next year. The new Volkswagen model is part of the VW strategy, which is the definition of fully electric cars in Europe for a market share of 70% in sales by 2030.

We always remember that Volkswagen has the goal of becoming 100% Carbon neutral by 2050, but that obviously intermediate stages are needed to define this economic transition linked to mobility. There is no information related to the price as we are simply talking about a first presentation and for this we should wait a few more months before seeing this beautiful SUV Coupé on the road.

credit photo VOLKSWAGEN media press