The German car manufacturer with the four rings has already started carrying out the first tests for the Paris-Dakar next January. An electric car will try to win the prestigious race.

Audi is beating a lot on the e-tron, its all-electric car.

Taking a cue from what has been done so far, he decided to create an ad hoc version for the Paris-Dakar. We are talking about the most famous rally car race made in the desert and in the most extreme road conditions in the world.

Audi is certainly not new to achievements such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Audi's intention now is to also focus on the Dakar by testing and further developing electric technology under extreme conditions.

The prototype, because we are talking about it, should withstand a series of extreme stresses during grueling stages up to 800 km in length.

We all know that electric cars are optimal in the city and have never been tested in an important way in extreme conditions and with such important durations.

To be able to withstand these extreme lengths, Audi engineers have decided to place the highly efficient TFSI (i.e. thermal) engine normally used in motor racing on board this car.

This motor will allow you to recharge the high voltage battery while driving.

Given that the internal combustion engine is used between 4000 and 6000 rpm, we can say that consumption will be below 200 grams per kilowatt hour.

If in the front of the car we will find this structure, in the back instead we will have an energy converter which will be fundamental in the use of the high voltage battery conversion.

In this way, every time the driver brakes, we will encounter the car recharging situation.

This technology has been used in particular in Formula E, where Audi plays a fundamental role, although there is also a lot of room for improvement.

This car has already been tested in July with very positive results.

Not even 12 months after the start of this project, Audi has managed to field a highly competitive car that will be able to create a hard time for all the cars that will be present in the Paris-Dakar in 2022.

credit photo AUDI media press