The German car manufacturer wanted to introduce its Station Wagon version in the Olympus of high-performance cars. Let's find out together.

The German car manufacturer wanted to make an award and a gift to all those who are passionate about extreme sportsmanship, but who still need space as they have a family or still need to load a lot of luggage.

Hence, the new Golf R estate was created, which is the most powerful station wagon of the Volkswagen brand and which combines everyday practicality with a sporty soul.

In fact, getting on board the car you immediately notice the spaciousness that could betray the intention of a quiet and peaceful car. As soon as the engine is started and the accelerator sinks, you immediately notice how the car has a particular sporting nature.

The indication of the R badge underlines the sporty character of the station wagon.

This car has been equipped with the new all-wheel drive system that allows the power to be optimally distributed between the front and rear axles. A new differential has also been inserted on the rear axle and in addition a new differential has also been inserted between each of the two rear wheels. In this way, the transmission system allows a remarkable agility of the new Golf station wagon.

In terms of safety, this model allows for a higher level of road holding as the power distributed on the outermost wheel allows the car a high level of traction. In this way you can push even more on the accelerator pedal when cornering without having repercussions and without having a broken car situation in the middle of the curve.

Thanks to the electronic differential lock, the vehicle remains very stable. The driving experience is therefore extremely precise and allows you to create unique emotions even within a Formula 1 circuit.

This car can be equipped with an optional R Performance package which provides additional profiles, namely the Special mode with a series of specially designed driving parameters for some demanding circuits. Also available is the Drift driving mode which allows you to have new driving dynamics clearly away from public roads and perfect for exceptional drifting.

Under the hood we find a turbo engine with the 2-liter four-cylinder capable of unleashing 320 horsepower and accelerating from 0 to 100 in just 4.9 seconds.

With a top speed of up to 270km / h with the optional R Performance package, this car is definitely an ultra-sporty station wagon.

The nature of being a perfect station wagon underlines this thanks to 1642 books that are present if the rear seats are completely folded down.

All this has a cost starting from around € 51500. Surely this car will not be very widespread on our roads but it can still be an excellent solution for all those who intend to buy a station wagon but have no intention of abandoning the concept of having a sports car. According to Volkswagen, in fact, sportiness and spaciousness can be absolutely within everyone's reach.

credit photo VW media press