The French automotive house has presented a new version, with a renewed design and improved technology.

With the first days of 2023 comes a completely renewed version of the DS3. Presented both with internal combustion engines, but also with fully electric engines, it allows you to enjoy driving and get noticed on the roads.

It is a real reference within its segment, in terms of design but also technology and electrification.

The new car has a bold shape at the front, while always remaining within a balance between lines and volumes. The most evident innovations are in the front, which is now equipped with an accentuated dynamism in terms of style and sensations of solidity.

A large redesigned front grille welcomes all who admire this beautiful car.

The front grille is now wider, and enriched with spikes in polished gold or diamond chrome depending on the model. New LED headlights come as standard across the range, and introduce a more dynamic design, while also giving a sharper look to the eye.

Matrix headlights are also available as an option, with intelligent automatic high beam control, for maximum comfort and safety.

The daytime running lines, on the other hand, feature two vertical lines, on both sides of the front, for a truly distinctive and wider signature.

The attention to detail is very high, even in the finish of the badges positioned on the grille and on the bonnet with the addition of an insert in relief.

Looking at it from the side, you immediately see how the bold design is really well balanced with a stylistic technical competence.

The flush doors and outer window seals are invisible, so that charm can be added to every single aspect.

Small changes also at the rear, where the tailgate lights have been emphasized by a black lacquered stripe.

Available alloy wheels are 17-inch and 18-inch wide, with different colors and themes. Particular attention in this respect for the electric version, where the 18-inch alloy wheels have ad hoc tyres.

A long time has passed since the 100% electric concept which was even presented in 2013 at the Shanghai show. Since then, several changes have been made and we now arrive at a really well positioned range in every single aspect.

The completely new electric motor allows a very good range of even 500 km in urban conditions, thanks to the engine efficiency and the ability to recover energy.

Climbing aboard the car, one is immediately pleasantly surprised by the large 10-inch high-definition central screen, with a redesigned glossy black border. The navigation is connected to the smartphone, and together with the intelligent voice recognition it allows very simple management of the car.

Each individual user can personalize the central screen and the 7-inch instrument panel, complete with a head-up display that projects essential information onto the front windscreen.

The whole car can be managed in an absolutely serene and fast way, thanks to the voice recognition available even in 40 languages.

The driving aids are visible on the large display, and allow easy use of the car in towns and during parking manoeuvres. There is also a 360-degree view, reproduced thanks to the use of new high-resolution digital cameras.

The new DS3 allows you to have a whole series of advanced driving assistance systems on board, such as for example keeping the car inside the lane and recognizing road signs, with information reproduced on the instrument display, as well as the active emergency braking.

All this is possible thanks to the numerous accident prevention technologies present inside this car. Traveling on board this car is also really very comfortable, using the adaptive cruise control with the Stop and Go function.

In terms of connectivity, the entire DS3 range is supported by the possibility of having thermal pre-conditioning. With the use of a proprietary app, it is possible to observe the autonomy and the charge level as well as check the battery recharge from a distance.

Thanks to the use of the car's advanced connectivity, it is possible to search for a destination and indicate it directly to the car's infotainment system, to find it as soon as you get on board.

There is also a Trip planner function which can be used to achieve truly efficient electric driving, with charging points highlighted along the route.

The car is also available in other fuels, such as petrol and diesel.

Prices start at around 28,000 euros for the puretech petrol version with manual gearbox. The diesel has a price starting from 33,500, while the all-electric version sees a price starting from around €40,000.

All these prices must be contextualized and related to any dealer discounts or promotions from the Automotive company.

A car therefore that stands out from the crowd, for its aesthetic characteristics and for its ability to produce a new concept of chic automobile.

DS3 can be compared to Lancia Ypsilon, for shapes and aesthetic dynamism. Prices are higher than the Lancia Ypsilon, but these French cars are definitely well made.

Anyone who buys a DS, regardless of the model, seeks refinement and attention to detail. This Automotive house is closely related to Citroën and has always produced and built truly well-designed cars for each individual segment and sector.

We'll see if the new DS3 will be able to affect the market and snatch sales shares from other Premium competitors.

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credit photo STELLANTIS media press