The German automotive house presents a car that promises to cross the barrier of 300 km per hour. Let's find out together.

There are not many cars that can exceed 300 kilometers per hour, and that still fall within the world of road cars.

We can all think of cars like Ferrari, or Lamborghini, but BMW wanted to greatly amaze its enthusiasts.

A truly ultra-sporty and ultra-naughty version of his very famous M3 is on the way. A five-door, therefore, that manages to reach 100 km/h from standstill in just 3.4 seconds.

A fact that, if thought about well, is really scary.

Normally cars take about nine or ten seconds to reach 100 km/h, while in this case it takes about a third of the total time.

An even nastier and more extreme version of the legendary M3, which over the years and decades has characterized the passion of all lovers of the German car manufacturer.

Even looking at it externally, you immediately notice the difference for a whole series of aerodynamic carbon fiber appendages, which give an even more aggressive look.

The bar of performance and driving pleasure, already above average, has been raised again compared to the already high-performance sedan from which it derives.

A limited series, of which the exact number of specimens that will be made is not yet known.

We all know, however, that from March 2023 it will be possible to see it on the road in Europe, but also in America and Japan.

To be able to exceed 300 kilometers per hour, it was necessary to work on lightness and a strong injection of strength, in engine terms.

In fact, under the bonnet we have a real racing engine. The proven 3,000 cc displacement in in-line six-cylinder design, with direct injection twin turbochargers, benefited from an increase in turbocharger boost pressure to 2.1 bar.

Thanks to an extra 40 horsepower, compared to the traditional M3, we therefore have 550 horsepower that push this car along the roads.

However, they have also been joined by technical features deriving from the work developed on the M4 GT3. A car that won the DTM 2022 and which has therefore been 100% exploited for the innovation of this model.

As a first precaution, the crankcase of the engine was modified with a structure without sleeves and with a closed bridge. The result is increased overall stiffness.

The cylinders have also been modified, and in particular the cylinder liners which have undergone a lightening and specific processing with the aim of reducing friction, thus improving the internal sliding of the pistons.

The forged crankshaft is also completely new, as are the cylinder heads. The core was also obtained thanks to a 3D printing process, and not with the traditional melting of the metal as is traditionally done.

By doing this, it is possible to have a new arrangement of the coolant pipes, which allows the engine to be cooled better.

For greater and more fluid handling of the car at high speeds, the shock absorbers (electronically controlled) as well as the springs and anti-roll bars have also been modified.

In this way, we are talking about a real racing car with even more exuberant behavior between the curbs.

The standard tires feature 19-inch wheels on the front axle and 20-inch wheels on the rear axle. The design of the alloy wheels is defined by an infinite series of V's, which therefore allow you to see the most fluid visual rendering during movement.

In this way, the BMW M3 CS manages to reach truly frightening technical and stylistic standards, in a totally fluid and progressive way.

A slimming cure achieved thanks to carbon fiber, which also involved important parts of the car, such as the front bonnet, or the roof, the various diffusers and the rear wing.

Climbing aboard the car we are enveloped in carbon fiber, as it is a fundamental part of the seats. The structure of the seats is in fact made of this precious element, which is well appreciated thanks to an elegant design work.

A car decidedly above the average and beyond the lines.

Also presented in this bright green, it highlights its sporty side even more thanks to the stark contrast with the black finishes.

No information has been given about the prices, but surely this will be the least of the problems for those who decide to buy it. A car that will be built in very few examples and that will be a real cult object for all enthusiasts.

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photo credit BMW media press