Volkswagen presents a very special version, which turns the clock back 25 years.

Fans of the small compact of the German house will be thrilled to know how Volkswagen has created a truly unique version of its kind.

With the milestone of its first quarter of a century passed, Volkswagen wants to pay homage to its small car, which has given the German company great satisfaction.

Polo in the GTI version blew out 25 candles a few days ago and therefore deserves a proper celebration. Now it has become bigger and more powerful, as well as much faster than the first version.

The older sister Golf GTI is clearly more performing, but a lot has been done in recent years to improve Polo. The very first version of the Polo GTI dates back to 1998, and has been gradually perfected over the years.

Initially it had somewhat squared lines, but now the external aesthetics are truly modern and futuristic.

In 1998 the engine was a 1600 cubic cm 16 valve with 125 horsepower. This allowed acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 9 seconds.

In 2023 the current version highlights the desire to remember all these years of technological progress. It is distinguished from the standard model by a whole series of special decorative stickers, which are positioned along the side profile.

Note in particular the writing at 25, in the lower part of the rear door. Lovers of unique colors will be delighted to learn about the Ascot Gray variation, i.e. a brand new exterior color that joins the car's color palette.

In terms of technology, the headlights are equipped with the highest technology currently at Volkswagen. We are talking about the IQ.LIGHT LED Matrix headlights, which are therefore able to perfectly illuminate the road and give driving safety.

The 18-inch Adelaide alloy wheels are finished in gloss black to lend strength and character to this car. The black color is also taken up in the rear-view mirror caps and also extends onto the roof.

The brake calipers and other exterior inserts, as well as of course the GT badge on the tailgate, shine in fiery red.

Climbing aboard the car, we are greeted by very enveloping and luxurious Premium sports seats. They are upholstered in black perforated leather, with red details and the GTI logo on the backrest.

Opening the door, you immediately notice the "one of 2500" plate, which gives a touch of exclusivity and rarity to the model. Furthermore, a sports steering wheel in leather with the lettering 25 is located on the dashboard.

In terms of options, Volkswagen wanted to include the IQ.Drive Assist package, for more complete control and management of the car.

Driving this car is certainly not like driving a quiet and peaceful small car. In fact, under the bonnet we have a 2-liter turbo petrol engine with 207 horsepower and 320 NM of maximum torque.

The front-wheel drive, combined with the 7-speed DSG automatic gearbox and standard electronic locking differential, allows the car to get off the ground in lightning-fast fashion.

It only takes 6.5 responses to go from zero to 100 km/h.

This new car will be available to order from June 1st with starting prices of around 35,000 euros.

A car therefore that seeks to strike a balance between tradition and innovation. It is not simply a car that wants to pay homage to the past, but also that wants to characterize a brand decidedly dedicated to democratic sportiness.

We all know how Volkswagen sports cars have characterized the automotive world in recent years. The ride height lowered by 15 mm allows the car to behave in an excellent way, respecting all the Volkswagen tradition in terms of economy.

Clearly a 2000 displacement engine with petrol compressor tube cannot be used normally every day, but the price also shows that it is a limited series intended for enthusiasts.

The latter will clearly have to shell out a higher price than a traditional car, but all in all the Volkswagen Polo GTi special version 25 years once again shows how Volkswagen manages to be excellent in every single aspect.

It should also be noted that a hybrid propulsion has not been included in this car. The choice clearly creates a union with the past and all in all we feel in line with the decision made by Volkswagen.

Although sustainable mobility will be the future of the automotive world, currently these special ultra-sporty versions should still be kept, as much as possible, within a sporting bubble purely with an internal combustion engine.

In 50 years all cars in Europe will probably be electric or hydrogen, but for several years to come we will see the beautiful roar of a petrol engine unleashing all its power along our roads.


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credit photo VOLKSWAGEN media press