The automaker has decided to reinterpret the Multivan within a concept of electric mobility in an electrified plugin form.

Consumers are currently very interested in the ecological transition and in the future possibilities of moving without noise and in full respect of the environment as they do not emit polluting emissions.

However, not everyone is yet ready to purchase a 100% electric vehicle, and for this reason the car manufacturers are continuing to produce and develop cars with hybrid petrol and electric propulsion.

The last vehicle released, whose presentation dates back to a few hours ago, concerns the new Volkswagen Multivan.

In fact, the plug-in hybrid version is expected to arrive in Italy by the end of the year.

It is a car equipped with hybrid propulsion and it is possible to achieve a completely electric distance with a range of about 50 km. By combining the petrol and electric combination, it is also possible to reach up to 700 km depending on the set-up. As soon as the vehicle is switched on, the start takes place in a totally electric way and therefore for short distances it is carried out in the total absence of polluting emissions.

The vehicle is equipped with a 6-speed DSG automatic transmission with double clutch. The new Multivan allows for very important performances in terms of comfort.

In fact, it allows partially automated driving, which is ideal for all those people who buy the vehicle to travel long stretches of motorways, but also to remain in absolute safety even within the city.

The vehicle allows for a configuration with 7 single seats and can be ordered in three different versions. By folding all the seats, it is possible to have up to 4053 liters of cargo volume. Furthermore, in the event that we need a trailer, this vehicle allows us to tow and hook up trailers up to a maximum of 2000 kg.

However, Volkswagen has carried out an important work regarding the driving aid systems, which range from perimeter control with recognition of pedestrians and cyclists to support for rejecting maneuvers.

The cruise control, together with the now inevitable Lane assist, are obviously not lacking within the configuration.

No information has been released regarding the price, but we are sure it will be an attractive price like all Volkswagen electric and electrified vehicles. The automaker is implementing a really interesting policy of delineating electrified products. Following the diesel gate and the classic tradition, Volkswagen is investing significant amounts of money to make the cars more and more performing and allow the ecological transition in the shortest possible time.

This new vehicle, which also comes with a very modern graphic form and is characterized by captivating colors, will certainly be able to intercept a good slice of the market of all those who are attentive to the environment but also who are attentive to good standards of levels of comfort.

credit photo VOLKSWGEN media press