Volkswagen unveils completely the new battery-powered Crossover for the first time with a line inspired by the world of coupes. Autonomy up to 520 km and power up to 299 horsepower.

Volkswagen continues the presentation of new fully electric models within the ID family.

After presenting # ID3 and # ID4, now is the time for the Coupé-style Crossover. To see it on the road we have to wait a few more months as it will presumably arrive on the Italian market around March 2022.

Going immediately into the technical details we can say that this car shares the structure and various components of the ID.4 or the 100% electric SUV from Volkswagen. It has been modified to intercept the market trends or those of the Crossover Coupé.

It is a very sleek car with a length of 459 cm and a wheelbase of 277 cm. Thanks to the fluid shape, it has greatly improved the performance data and also in terms of aesthetics.

The tailgate is clearly important, which also allows for the integration of a spoiler that performs better overall autonomy.

ID.5 is presented in a triple declination starting from the sportiest version, namely the GTX that allows you to have up to 299 hp with an acceleration time from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 3.6 seconds.

The basic version is renamed PRO and has a 174 horsepower single rear engine that allows you to reach 100 km per hour from standstill in just 10.4 seconds.

An intermediate way between the basic and the ultra-sporty one is the Pro Performance, with rear-wheel drive and 204 horsepower. Classic acceleration takes 8.4 seconds.

Autonomy is very important and interesting in electric cars, also due to the scarcity of fast charging columns. On these aspects, Volkswagen's optimized engineering improvements have allowed this car to reach even 520 km in the most economical version of power and also allows full power and autonomy to be completed in about 30 minutes.

Getting on board the car we have a configuration that is totally similar to the ID.4 with the classic presence of a maxi central display in the upper front part of the 12-inch dashboard that allows for overall management of the car.

The digital dashboard, on the other hand, is more contained and is 5 inches in size which allows for optimal management of all the main data that may be of interest to the driver.

We will see how the Italian market will absorb this new car and how it will welcome this new Volkswagen Crossover. The line is very interesting and winks at new market trends.

As soon as the price lists are released we will understand even if through all the incentives present within the world of sustainable mobility, people will be encouraged to buy it.

credit photo VOLKSWAGEN media press