The German star has officially presented the perfect midsize SUV for the family, very elegant inside. Let's find out the details together.

The automaker has announced the new Mercedes EQB with prices starting from € 57670, also available in a four-wheel drive version and up to seven seats.

We are therefore talking about a car that is traditionally managed in a standard 5-seater configuration but is also available in a 7-seater version. This information is very important for all large families and for all people who often need to transport several people on board.

The third row is perfect for carrying child seats or people up to 165cm tall. Overall, the car is not too long and stands at 468 cm in length and a width of 183 cm. The wheelbase of 282 cm allows for a truly exceptional empty space with a load volume that can vary between 495 liters and 1710 liters.

The second row seats are also highly adjustable in terms of inclinations but also in terms of positioning inside the car. In fact, they can slide 14 centimeters in order to better manage the positioning and give more or less space to the second or third row.

This car will be available in four versions. Let's start with the basic version, renamed Sport to move up in category and identify Sport Plus and then take the next two shots with Premium and Premium Plus.

In addition to the set-up, it will also be possible to purchase customization packages defined as Electric Art and the Night package.

The basic version starts at around € 57,000 with a power of 168 kW and a range of 420 km.

The car is very spacious and is characterized by a square shape which, however, is not too heavy to the eye. We immediately notice that it is an electric car as in the shape of the grille we notice that there is no ventilation grille, which denotes that we are looking at a fully electric car.

The alloy wheels are large and integrate well with the structure of the car which is still important. In the presentation of this car, Mercedes uses a dark red body color, which denotes how the house is also focused on turning in terms of appeal for electric cars.

Surely this car will intercept large families who have the pleasure of being able to drive a fully electric car and which will maintain its value over time according to the Mercedes quality standard, also thanks to excellent workmanship in terms of productivity.

We can't wait to see his road and to be able to savor the total silence of the car whose only noise is developed by the tires that rotate and run along the road surface.

For all those who decide to buy this car, we remind you that the Mercedes me Charge service is included for one year, i.e. the possibility of recharging at the more than 250,000 public charging points located in Europe.

credit photo MERCEDES media press