The brand of the French lion will have important innovations in the near future on a global scale. In fact, according to Stellantis' plans it will be transformed into a global brand.

We have all seen for ourselves how Peugeot has made a significant improvement in terms of appeal and market positioning over the past few years. Quality has become an even more essential aspect within the Peugeot brand also thanks to the launch of some models that have established themselves as real successes.

For example we have the successful Peugeot series # 208, but we also remember the SUV # 3008 and the city compact # 308. They have been leaps in quality and have established important benchmarks for international competitors as well.

In fact, the Peugeot brand has arrived in China at the very important Guangzhou exhibition.

This positioning aims to launch a brand that until then has not found a great appeal within the boundless Chinese territory. This decision to position the brand within the salon that was foolish between 19 and 28 November, allows us to affirm how a Premium brand is interested in a generalist market like the Chinese one.

Inside the Peugeot stand all the beauty of the new Peugeot SUVs but also of special series designed in collaboration with some Chinese customers.

Peugeot also looks at its competitors and decides to place a 2008 line for sale to the online market only.

There is also no shortage of novelties, as we have said, and in particular the special 4008 Co-Creation series, defined by a new metallic iceberg blue color. This car is also truly dynamic, modern and allows you to combine the tradition of a historic European brand with Peugeot with the future and very distinctive features in sportiness and dynamism.

The # 4008 and # 5008 SUVs were unveiled in the first of April this year and will adopt a design with an ultra-technological definition of the front axle. The signature of this design will be visible above all in the front especially in the headlights characterized by vertical LEDs.

Obviously, there is also a hybrid version of the SUV 4008 plugin which is also able to guarantee a force of 4-wheel drive and 300 horsepower. Furthermore, the Chinese market is still very attentive to sedans and therefore the 508 L intercepts an audience that is interested in a classic elegant sedan that is comfortable and affordable compared to the stars of the international market.

For all those who are also interested in more compact city cars, clearly the 2008 is also characterized by an exceptional form of dynamism and compact consumption.

So good news regarding the Guangzhou show in China for Peugeot.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press